Revolution #238 Online, July 4, 2011

July 4: Update on Freedom Flotilla II to Break the Israeli Siege on Gaza

As of July 1, Greek authorities had decreed that the international Freedom Flotilla II was not allowed to sail from Greece to Gaza. This action was in response to a lawsuit from a pro-Zionist organization claiming that the flotilla ship from the U.S. was not properly insured or registered. The same group—the Israel Law Center—has also taken credit for attempting to disrupt the flotilla by writing to some 30 maritime insurance companies to threaten them with charges of aiding terrorism if they provided insurance for Freedom Flotilla II ships.

According to Freedom Flotilla II organizers, the Greek government carried out a complete inspection of the ship and its documentation and the complaint was shown to be frivolous. Yet, five days later, the captain of the ship had still not been notified of any results of the inspection.

The attacks on the Freedom Flotilla have not been limited to legal maneuvers. Two ships set to be part of the flotilla were sabotaged so badly they could not sail, while they were in port in Greece.

Under these circumstances, the captain, crew and passengers decided that the ship should set sail July 1 in order to attempt to break the Israeli siege of Gaza. Within 20 minutes of leaving the dock, The Audacity of Hope had been ordered to turn back by the Hellenic Coast Guard. Even after the ship turned around, armed and masked Greek military gunmen kept their rifles pointed at the ship. The ship was taken to a Greek military dock and Captain John Klusmire was arrested. After this, several passengers decided to begin fasting outside of the U.S. Embassy in Athens to protest the outrageous acts against the flotilla.

U.S. Boat to Gaza organizers issued an action alert on Sunday, July 3 saying that seven participants in the hunger strike were detained but later released by Greek authorities.

Organizers are calling on people to call and email the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece to demand the release of all the ships so they can sail to Gaza, the release of the U.S. ship’s captain, John Klusmire, and the release of the hunger strikers. Go to for more information.


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