Revolution #240, July 24, 2011

From a Prisoner

BAsics Discussion Seminars on the Yard

Greetings P.R.L.F.

I am a CA prisoner and a recent subscriber to your newspaper Revolution, and I have received my copy of BAsics. I would like to express my profound thanks to all of the donors who have made these mailings possible.

Upon receiving BAsics and becoming totally engrossed in the talks and writing of Bob Avakian, my cellmate, a 21-year-old first termer, inquired about the book. After explaining to him my limited expertise about the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, I allowed him to read a chapter for later discussions. This we did until we both completed the book, and now we conduct discussion seminars on the yard for all who are interested. The number of prisoners attending grows steadily and I have even been called into the Captain’s office and asked to control the size of the crowds. I now have a waiting list of prisoners waiting to read BAsics and it is very evident that your perspectives and viewpoints convey your messages.

I concur that this is the type of Revolution that we need and gracious thanks to Bob Avakian and the staff at Revolution because it is a job well done and well received.

Spreading the word about Revolution,


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