Revolution #241, July 31, 2011

Pelican Bay Hunger Striker:

“An excellent introduction to revolutionary philosophy and principles”

Pelican Bay, Corridor D

Dear PRLF,

Im writing to let you know that i received BAsics and am very greatful that you were able to send me a copy, thank you.

However, as you are aware, here at Pelican Bay State Prison we are currently on our 14th day of hunger strike and retaining information becomes more difficult by the day so i havent yet had the opportunity to sit down and thoroughly study BAsics yet. But from what i have read i can already tell you that it is an excellent introduction to revolutionary philosophy and principles and very much look forward to studying it as soon we are victorious in our current struggle against discrimination, torture and oppression here in the bowel’s of Pelican Bay State Prison.

I noticed that in the last 2 papers we received, #s 237-238, that you printed stories about our struggle and the h.s., and like to give you a brief update.

First and foremost the spirit of the struggle remains high and our commitment to breaking these chains of oppression undetered.  Morale is high across the board and the unity intact. We all realize that it took over 20 yrs of state sponsored torture and discrimination for us (prisoners) to come together and challenge this system under one Banner; that of liberty and justice, and that if we don’t hold our ground and win this fight, not only will that keep the chains on us, but more importantly, it will allow future generations to remain forever enslaved to this injustice as well.  So for this purpose we remain committed to see this through until the bitter end.  Nobody wants to die but should we meet the final consequence of our actions in this struggle for justice then we are prepared to do so.

Most of us have already lost 20+ lbs, a few prisoners have become sick and their bodies began to reject water.  Others had heart rates of 150, and still others had blood sugar levels so low that they should’ve been in coma’s.  Yet with the physical conditions of strikers rapidly declining the medical staff is doing as little as possible.  Basically, they tell us to eat, if we decline they rarely treat anyone, mostly they just send us back to our cell, to die really.

Most of the k9s  and medical staff are hostile toward us, making comments like “have a nice funeral” and “oh, well, if you want to kill yourself that’s up to you.” There are a few sympathetic guards and medical staff but most are angry that we had the “audacity” to challenge their system and they could care less if we live or die.

The next couple weeks will be critical, strikers conditions will worsen and alot of us will become bedridden and close to death. There are attorneys visiting our corrdinators and the “suits” and getting starting to get involved but it doesn’t seem we are very close to an agreement.  Thats why public support and awareness is vital and i hope Revolution will continue to print updates and support us in this struggle.

Like i said, morale is high despite the efforts of CDC and the mass media to undermine this struggle.  We remain committed and united in this stand and are determined to remain as such until we break free of these chains, one way or another.

In solidarity,


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