Revolution #241, July 31, 2011

Spreading the Core Message Amongst the Inmate Population

The following letter from a prisoner was forwarded by the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund

Postmark: 27 JUN 2011

Prisoner’s Revolutionary Literature Fund. (Respect and love for our leader Bob Avakian)

Thank you for receiving this letter, With-in the past month I was sent a copy of BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian. I Am Writing to Report that the book was a instant success in the Restorative justice class that I teach! For the past 2 weeks my student’s have been passing the book around and wrangling over the statement’s of power Bob Avakian made to trance-form the People for Revolution. When asked to take the word “BAsics” and scientifically transmute it into acronym’s related to what they’ve learned, this is what they said:

Bob Avakian Says Injustice Can Stop

Bob Avakian Says I Can Soar

Bob Avakian Says Imperialism Cant Survive

Bob Avakian Says I Can Serve

Bob Avakian Says I Can Speak

Bob Avakian Says Independence Can Start

BAsics Are Samples I Can Study

Bob Avakian Says I Can Succeed

I am very proud of my student’s and the creative energy they put into completeing this task. I think what they’ve done is equally as unique as the book. And the last task I gave them was to give life to the book by spreading it’s core message amongst the inmate population of 2,000 prisoners. There is no doubt that our leader is leading. Bob Avakian is the truth! We are with you 100%, In the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America we trust! Learn the basics—join the struggle, become a part of the change.


Restorative justice!


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