Revolution #241, July 31, 2011

To Revolutionaries... and All Who Hunger for a Better World:

Take Revolution to LA Rising July 30th !!

One of the most significant concerts to take place in this country in decades is happening in Los Angeles on July 30th at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  While there have been events where bands have played in support of different causes, there has not been a concert like this—aimed at changing the whole cultural and political terrain among youth in this country.

LA Rising will bring together 6 groups—Rage Against the Machine, Muse, Rise Against, Lauryn Hill, Immortal Technique, and El Gran Silencio—and  tens of thousands of their fans.  Taken as a whole, these bands have been unmistakably radical in their political content and have reached huge audiences on that basis.  Bringing together this combination of bands, and the music they create and the way they'll be presented—with powerful visuals and sound from LA's biggest stage—will be extraordinary.

Expect to see young people from virtually every background: urban, largely Latino immigrant youth, as well as many middle class white youth from the suburbs.  The show will be mixing in hip hop, R&B and Rock en Espanol, bringing out Black and Spanish-speaking youth.

Holding up a mirror to the dominant, revolting cultural scene today, this concert is aimed at bringing forward a radically different vision of what music and art should be about—one that is creating favorable new ground for and contributing to the growth of a radical culture of revolt and opposition to everything that is wrong with this society. It is a very good thing for those who want to see a real revolution, and it will be a rich well from which many people can make a serious connection with the movement for revolution. 

Readers of REVOLUTION need to be there!—uniting with the sentiments of all those who hate the way things are in the world and are searching for a way out of this mess, and linking them with the only pathway to getting to that better world—communist revolution.

Be a part of this ferment by joining with others to take out BAsics: from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian, connecting this generation with Bob Avakian and his vision of communism.  Help make it known broadly at this concert why "You can't change the world if you don't know the BAsics."  Imagine hundreds of youth leaving with copies of BAsics, and with copies and bundles of Revolution newspaper, and subscriptions, bringing them into the movement for revolution that we are building.

Look for teams outside of the LA Coliseum wearing revolutionary T-shirts like "This system has no future for the youth…The revolution does," getting out BAsics and Revolution newspaper.  Those getting tickets for the concert, look for the banner "A Better World Through Revolution" inside, and be part of connecting these youth with the movement for revolution throughout the afternoon and evening.  And have fun doing it!

Whether or not you're planning to go, you can contribute to its success by contributing to the thousands of dollars needed to order and print materials, and by fundraising among your co-workers and friends now. Don't miss out on this tremendous opportunity! To volunteer and to send donations (checks and money orders), contact:

Revolution Books
5726 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA


"Imagine if we had a society where there was a culture—yes it was lively and full of creativity and energy and yes rhythm and excitement, but at the same time, instead of degrading people, lifted us up.  Imagine if it gave us a vision and a reality of what it means to make a whole different society and a whole different kind of world.  Imagine if it laid out the problems for people in making this kind of world and challenged them to take up these problems.  Imagine if art and culture too—movies, songs, television, and everything—challenged people to think critically, to look at things differently, to see things in a different light, but all pointing toward how can we make a better world." (Bob Avakian, BAsics, 2:8)

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