Revolution #243, August 21, 2011

Prisoners Write About BAsics

Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund received the following letters:

Aug. 3rd, 2011

To Whom it may Concern, today Aug. 3rd was a most wonderful day for the four of us inmates here at the YY Correctional Center. First to be honest we didn’t think yous were going to send us the book BAsics by it being new cause we assumed yous had to gain back your expenses first, but wow, we are truly overwhelmed and at a lose for words and words can’t express the joy and gratitude We feel but our appreciation is off the charts so to speak.

Me XXX Especially and the other three will do all that we can amongst the 1400 inmates here at YY C.C. to promote the sale and the senificients of the book BAsics. Also the four of us been around since the 60s during a time we thought was the beginning of a revolution, which was shortly lived and went about in the wrong manner. But now we have Bob, the light still shineth after all these decades. We hope Bob can do what the Panthers couldn’t do, what King couldn’t finish or what Malcolm started. Well upon my release I will be at REVCOM.US. We look forward to the change that Obama so greatly lied to us about.

Prisoner in Midwest


Aug. 3, 2010

I want to thank you for sending me a copy of the BAsics. This book is what it is. It allows you to see America in its Web of Lies for what they are. So when you watch the news or read the newspaper you can screen what’s being said by the information contained in the book so you can see what’s really being said and not said.

This book has to be put into the hands of the rappers or the youth must demand that the rappers read it. So this information can spread like a wildfire. For the youth to get involved in the reading of the BAsics, it has to be made the cool or hot thing to do.

I am using this book to awaken the minds that are behind enemy lines. Some of things I talk on come right out of the book, so when they ask me where did come from, I then point them to the book and it does the rest.

Bro. XXX

In Alabama Prison System: Slavery Still Exists


can’t wait to get a copy of the New Jim Crow

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