Revolution #244, August 28, 2011

Letter from Prisoner

To "young conscious collegiate students grappling with how to get involved in the struggle for humanity"

The following letter from a prisoner was sent to the Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund:

June 29th 2011

The [Revolution newspaper we get from] PRLF has taken on the not so monumental task of revolutionizing those of us held captive in the dungeons of this capitalist system. The PRLF [literature] has not only introduced me to the humanization of communist thought, theory & righteous practice through the teachings of Comrade Bob, but it has enlightened me to the knowledge of self by giving me a true look at my history & culture and the struggle that my people have endured throughout our existence in this capitalist system.

In my youth I was actively engaged in the genocidal destructive ways that are so prevalent in our communities so I wholeheartedly overstand the feelings of emptiness and going nowhere-ness that this sinking & stinking system can instill in someone who comes from nothing but please believe me there is a different world. There is opportunity to be seized! You must revolutionize yourself by first recognizing your humanity and your people’s humanity as well as all other people’s humanity.

I was not afforded the chance to pursue higher education. At 17 the judge & jury decided my college campus was going to be the level 4 yards of California. All you young conscious collegiate students grappling with how to get involved in the struggle for humanity. Check out comrade Bob, his program is sound and righteous. Those campuses can easily guide you to be part of this foul system we currently live under. You must pull your revolutionary rebellious spirit all the way to the left pass Barack Obama and those who prop up this failing capitalist system.

Power to the people who don’t fear freedom.

In Struggle.


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