Revolution #246, September 25, 2011

Make Plans and Get Ready for the Next Issue of Revolution

An Appeal to Those the System Has Cast Off

The issue of Revolution, publishing on October 3, will focus on BAsics 3:16.

An Appeal to Those the System Has Cast Off.

Here I am speaking not only to prisoners but to those whose life is lived on the desperate edge, whether or not they find some work; to those without work or even homes; to all those the system and its enforcers treat as so much human waste material.

Raise your sights above the degradation and madness, the muck and demoralization, above the individual battle to survive and to “be somebody” on the terms of the imperialists—of fouler, more monstrous criminals than mythology has ever invented or jails ever held. Become a part of the human saviors of humanity: the gravediggers of this system and the bearers of the future communist society.

This is not just talk or an attempt to make poetry here: there are great tasks to be fulfilled, great struggles to be carried out, and yes great sacrifices to be made to accomplish all this. But there is a world to save—and to win—and in that process those the system has counted as nothing can count for a great deal. They represent a great reserve force that must become an active force for the proletarian revolution.

BAsics 3:16


Make plans and get ready for our next issue of Revolution, publishing on October 3, which will focus on BAsics 3:16.

This special issue will feature letters from prisoners, as well as others, in response to this appeal. Letters and visual art from those who are rising above the muck and mire can inspire and challenge many others—from the communities of the oppressed to students, teachers and professors, artists and others who agonize about the unjust society we live in—to question the way things are and think about the possibility of real revolutionary change. This issue will concentrate that powerful call and be a living challenge to all those who live day-to-day in the most desperate conditions to get into Bob Avakian, to know about and study his talks and writings... to defend and protect him... take up the leadership he is providing. And to join in this movement we are building for revolution to bring a new world into being.

This issue needs to get out far and wide... to communities of the oppressed especially. It needs to get into the hands of people living in the projects and neighborhoods, congregating in the barbershops, coffee shops and on the corners. It needs to be out on the streets and distributed to the homeless. Displays and posters should be made featuring BAsics 3:16 and the “Three Strikes” quote and serve as points of attraction... and gotten up and out everywhere. Take it out to the high schools and college campuses. And, because some fall semesters at college campuses will be starting up after October 3, continue to pursue your plans to take the special BAsics issue (Revolution #244, August 28, 2011) out to these campuses, and find the ways as you are saturating those campuses to make this issue available as well. Get it into the hands of a wide range of people from all walks of life with an eye towards breaking down all the divisions between people. And, as we broadly distribute this issue, we should also be selling BAsics, distributing the BA image cards everywhere. Seize the time to show clips from Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About to people who have gathered around... and to let everyone know they can watch the whole talk at

Continue to send in and gather up contributions for this special issue. And, as you do that, talk with others... think about who should get their hands on this issue and who can be enlisted to distribute it... make plans to maximize the impact of this challenge and call.

Raise funds in preparing to take the issue out, and wherever you go!


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