Revolution Online, September 26, 2011

Talk by Bob Avakian—available online

The NBA: Marketing the Minstrel Show and Serving the Big Gangsters

Over 400 pro basketball players have now been "locked out" by the National Basketball Association team owners. The NBA owners had the most profitable season ever last year, pulling in a record $4.3 billion in revenues. But now the NBA is demanding that the players union make significant concessions in contracts, and the players have so far refused. The lockout has resulted in the cancellation of some pre-season games, and there is talk that the whole regular season may be cancelled if there is no agreement soon. These developments are bound to open up discussion and debate around the role of big-time pro sports in the U.S., professional athletes, and in particular the status and role of African-Americans in basketball and athletics.

In light of this situation, we wanted to bring to our readers' attention a talk by Bob Avakian, "The NBA: Marketing the Minstrel Show and Serving the Big Gangsters." Whether or not you're into basketball, this talk will open your mind to some revealing truths—through humor, anecdotes, and science. This talk is one of the "7 Talks" by Bob Avakian, pathbreaking explorations in communist theory and its application to a broad range of questions. The "7 Talks" can be found online at and

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