Revolution #246, September 25, 2011


Be part of making a big impact with “All Played Out."

"All Played Out" is a piece with words by Bob Avakian and music by William Parker. Listen at

As an announcement in Revolution stated, "Avakian's heart and soul, outrage and humor, poetic spirit, and confidence in the masses to make revolution—transform the planet and themselves—comes out in this challenging declaration that the world really doesn't have to be this way, and we can make and live in a radically different and better world."

Help spread this all over society and make an impact with this revolutionary leader and revolutionary culture!  Let's get this played on jazz, college, community and online radio. This should be reviewed in jazz magazines, culture columns, indie music magazines, alternative blogs and webzines.

Volunteers are needed to:

Read William Parker's comments on "All Played Out" at


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