Revolution #247, October 9, 2011

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We are beginning a month of great promise. Suddenly, there are signs of life in America! In just this past issue, we covered:

AND... in the midst of all this... the correspondence sent in by dozens of people responding to the challenge issued in BAsics by Bob Avakian.1

Right now many more people are beginning to question and resist what they usually accept. They need to hear and learn about the movement for revolution; they need to learn about the vision and theory brought forward by the movement’s leader, Bob Avakian; and they need to get connected with it. Without in any way hyping this, what is done—and what is not done—this autumn can have great consequences for all of our futures.

We are building a movement for revolution—and you are needed, right now, to play an active role in this movement.

What can you do?

In short: Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution.

[Find out how a revolution could actually be made in a country like this. Check out “On the Strategy for Revolution,” by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, also available in BAsics pp. 103-112. And find out what such a revolution would do—including very concretely how a new state power could be set up and how it would function, to begin the transition to a world where people everywhere would be free of relations of exploitation and oppression and destructive antagonistic conflicts, and could be fit caretakers of the earth—read the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic of North America (Draft Proposal).]


* An Appeal to Those the System Has Cast Off

Here I am speaking not only to prisoners but to those whose life is lived on the desperate edge, whether or not they find some work; to those without work or even homes; to all those the system and its enforcers treat as so much human waste material.

Raise your sights above the degradation and madness, the muck and demoralization, above the individual battle to survive and to “be somebody” on the terms of the imperialists—of fouler, more monstrous criminals than mythology has ever invented or jails ever held. Become a part of the human saviors of humanity: the gravediggers of this system and the bearers of the future communist society.

This is not just talk or an attempt to make poetry here: there are great tasks to be fulfilled, great struggles to be carried out, and yes great sacrifices to be made to accomplish all this. But there is a world to save—and to win—and in that process those the system has counted as nothing can count for a great deal. They represent a great reserve force that must become an active force for the proletarian revolution.

BAsics 3:16


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