Revolution #251, November 27, 2011

Attacks on Occupy—Week of November 12-17

The same week that the New York police forcibly cleared Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park (see "Two-Month Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street: Resistance up Against Nationwide Attacks," police in various other cities moved to shut down Occupy encampments. The following is a list of cities where this happened, with short descriptions taken from news reports.

Nov. 12, Denver, CO
"Denver police in riot gear forced stubborn protesters out of Civic Center park Saturday evening, tearing down illegally pitched tents…Seventeen people were arrested, according to Sonny Jackson, spokesman for the Denver Police Department." (Denver Post,

Nov. 12, St. Louis
"Police arrested about two dozen people at an Occupy St. Louis encampment early Saturday, then began taking down the tents where the protesters have lived over the past several weeks." (Local CBS TV news

Nov. 12, Salt Lake City
"19 people were arrested as Salt Lake City and Unified Police officers took control of Pioneer Park Saturday night, clearing out tents and cleaning up after the Occupy Salt Lake City movement was kicked out at sundown." (Local Fox TV news,0,3226507.story)

Nov 12-13, Albany, NY
"Later that evening [Nov 13], 13 were arrested at the Occupy Albany encampment in New York for failing to vacate from Lafayette Park across from the state's Capitol building. Officials had charged them with trespassing after failing to comply with a city curfew. Those arrests came only a day after state police arrested another two dozen on similar charges." (RT

Nov. 13, Oakland
"At 5:00 a.m. hundreds of police in riot gear—including helmets with full face shields, hand-held plastic shields, tear gas canisters, various kinds of rifles—descended on the Occupy encampment, dismantling tents, trashing people’s property, and ripping down banners. Helicopters flew overhead and armored police vehicles blocked intersections. The police erected barricades around the park. Many police had their name badges covered to prevent them from being identified." (Revolution Newspaper

Nov. 13, Portland, OR
"In Portland, Oregon, Mayor Sam Adams ordered the Occupy Portland camp to be shut down Saturday at midnight, citing dangerous health conditions as a reason to vacate a city park. As protesters resisted, however, more than 50 were arrested as police raided the camp, swinging nightsticks and attacking demonstrators early Sunday morning. The Associated Press reports that the crowd in Portland had accumulated to the thousands as police tried to disperse the protests in the early morning hours. At one point the cops retreated, only to return later and swarm in—violently." (RT

Nov. 13, Chapel Hill, NC
"A police tactical team of more than 25 police officers arrested eight demonstrators Sunday afternoon and charged them with breaking and entering for occupying a vacant car dealership on Franklin Street. Officers brandishing guns and semi-automatic rifles rushed the building at about 4:30 p.m. They pointed weapons at those standing outside, and ordered them to put their faces on the ground. They surrounded the building and cleared out those who were inside. About 13 people, including a News & Observer staff writer covering the demonstration, were forced to the ground and hand-cuffed." (News & Observer

Nov. 16, San Diego
"Law enforcement personnel in riot gear cleared out several Occupy San Diego protesters from Civic Center Plaza early today, marking the second such crackdown in nearly three weeks. Some protesters were arrested during the 3 a.m. sweep, according to San Diego police. The alleged offenses, exact number and identities of those arrested were not immediately released. As was the case in the first predawn clearing on Oct. 28—when 40 protesters were arrested—police said the area was cleared so a cleaning crew could sanitize the area." (KESQ

Nov. 16, Columbia, South Carolina
"Under the Confederate battle flag at the Statehouse, 19 Occupy protesters were arrested Wednesday and escorted by troopers to a basement corridor in the Capitol, where they lined the hallway and sang "God Bless America" with their arms handcuffed behind their backs. The arrests were made on the order of Gov. Nikki Haley, a first-term Republican who said no one is a bigger fan of freedom of speech then she is. Haley told the protesters to come back today and bring their signs but to leave their mattresses at home and stop urinating in the bushes." (Post and Courier

Nov. 17, UC Berkeley
"Videos of the police attacking students with bully clubs as the students chanted "peaceful protest," "we’re just standing here," and "stop beating students" were posted all over the internet. A 90-second YouTube of the police attack ( went viral with over 600,000 hits. Later in the evening the police attacked again, beating students and ripping down tents. Over 2,000 students—as well as hundreds from Occupy Oakland and Occupy San Francisco—again turned out around midnight to protect Occupy Cal, preventing the campus cops from tearing down the last tent until late the next morning." (Revolution newspaper

Nov. 18, UC Davis
Police at UC Davis attacked an Occupy encampment and unleashed a savage pepper spray attack on protesting students who were sitting calmly on the campus quad, after which angry students chanting "Shame On You" confronted the riot-clad police and forced them from the area. (See video at: According to the Sacramento Bee, "police... arrested 10 protesters. UC Davis officials say eight men and two women were taken into custody Friday afternoon." (Sacramento Bee


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