Revolution #277, August 12, 2012

Statements of Support for the BAsics Bus Tour

The following are some of the statements of support for the BAsics Bus Tour in NYC:

From people in Harlem:

“The BAsics Bus Tour is important because y’all are carrying a voice. Bob Avakian needs to be heard and everybody needs to listen. I’m listening.”

-A person who collected for the “Penny Drive” and donated to the stoop sale

“Bus Tour Volunteers, I enjoyed making sandwiches for you all. I enjoyed helping people. I like being part of a team doing something and this is important. I appreciate you coming here and what you’re doing because we need to change the world.”

-Making sandwiches for the revolution—Harlem

“This bus tour and what Bob Avakian is doing is important. It’s a blessing to the world because it’s time for a change in the world… I wish and pray that these travelers who have gone on their mission have succeeded in the goals of the revolution.

“We really need a change for the youth. As a 29 year old, I got to this point, but I’m noticing that for the next generation it’s just getting worse and worse. The people involved in the revolution are doing something good. I thank you and wish you all return home safely.

“Where is the tour going next?”

-Hip Hop artist from the hood and supporter of the revolution

“Dear Volunteers,

“The whole world is in our hands. What you are doing is necessary. It is hard to go against a system that has so much on its side. But, I’m encouraged for the first time in a long time. 'Continue to struggle.'"

-A Revolutionary Brother and REVOLUTION reader

“To the people who were on the bus,

“Your movement is very ambitious. I do not know that it is possible to change the whole world. That would be very difficult. It would take serious people. I am reading BAsics and I have seen videos about the BAsics Bus Tour. You are serious people.”

Forward Ever, An African exile in Harlem

* * * * *

From a young person with experience coordinating food for people at Occupy Wall Street who volunteered to coordinate donations of food for those on the BAsics Bus Tour:

“If you’ve not taken the opportunity to participate in the BAsics Bus Tour, now is the time. This bright collection of humanity has taken it upon themselves to inform the public about the injustices of our current system, and more importantly, about the alternatives. These folks are a beautiful example of people coming together using grassroots activism to better the world around them. Both behind the scenes and on the front lines, many have given what they can, asking in return only that people open their hearts and minds.”

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