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Festivals of "NO!" on New Year's Eve

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Carl Dix at Columbus Circle, New York City

Carl Dix, of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and an initiator of Refuse Fascism, lays out the vision and plan for spreading the “No Trump! No Pence! No Fascist 2017!” message to every corner of society and building massive resistance, culminating in people coming to Washington, DC, before the MLK weekend. Dix said he is heading to DC soon and called on people to join him—to stay in the streets and disrupt business as usual to prevent the Trump-Pence regime from ruling.

9 pm, New York City

Marching through the streets toward Trump Tower.

South Asian group gets out the “NO!” message, NYC

When members of the South Asian Fund for Education Scholarship and Training, whose members are predominantly from Bangladesh and many of whom are Muslims, were not able to hook up with the main Refuse Fascism protest, they took the initiative to get the “NO!” message out among the New Year’s Eve crowds.

San Francisco—”Join us, join us, STOP the Trump Machine!”

Marching down Market Street in downtown San Francisco toward Justin Herman Plaza where tens of thousands gather for New Year’s Eve, and calling on people to join the movement to stop the fascist regime before it starts.

8:30 pm EST, Los Angeles, at Breitbart Headquarters

Protesters held up signs reading “ILLEGITIMATE” at the Beverly Hills headquarters of Breitbart News, which was headed up by Trump’s fascist, white supremacist chief strategist, Steve Bannon. There was a march from there to West Hollywood, a progressive LGBTQ area. The Revolution Club LA reported, “It was a very determined crowd, full of a defiant, festive spirit.... We marched along La Cienega Blvd ... where there was a positive response among the affluent crowd out for New Year’s, together with the valet parking attendants and others working that night.... A parking enforcement worker even stopped to talk, saying he was supportive but was agonizing whether it was too late to do anything about it and ended up taking a stack of fliers for the Call to Action.”

San Francisco

8 pm, Chicago—“We are just getting started”

The protest in front of the Trump Tower downtown.

Atlanta—"Resist Trump, Fight Back" projected on hotel next to Peach Drop

Projection on the side of a building next to the Peachdrop in Atlanta, New Year's Eve

8 pm, Boston—Out into First Night Celebration

The “No Fascist USA” contingent joined the First Night Boston procession, the focal point for hundreds of thousands who stream downtown to celebrate.

At Cleveland’s packed West Side Market early New Year’s Eve

Protesters dropped a banner from the balcony of the popular historic market space and chanted “No Trump, No Pence, No KKK, No Fascist USA!” as many in the crowd cheered and raised fists.


Seattle street party

Seattle—The “NO!” in the midst of a street party

Video: Special to

From a reader: “We marched around the city streets, bringing the message of NO! to thousands of onlookers and partygoers, disrupting business as usual, letting the masses of people know that it is time to prepare for the struggle against the fascist regime and the plan to stop them in their tracks.... At midnight, at the stroke of the new year, a masked drum line appeared suddenly and took the intersection. We saw the opportunity and trailed behind them with our banners and signs, dancing along to their drum beat. Onlookers joined in slowly until a full-fledged street party broke out.”

The NO! banner in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

A banner with the words “¡NO! EN NOMBRE DE LA HUMANIDAD, NOS NEGAMOS A ACCEPTAR A UN ESTADOS UNIDAS FASCISTA/IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY, WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FASCIST AMERICA” was put up at a busy commercial area so people could sign it. According to one person involved, “Overwhelmingly, people signing thanked us for the opportunity to send a message. Many Mexicanos and non-U.S. tourists signed.”

Chicago: Fury and defiance at Pence appearance

December 30—150-200 protesters hurled fury and defiance against the whole Trump-Pence fascist regime as Pence spoke at a $2,700 a plate fundraising event. High school students, reproductive rights organizers, LGBTQ activists, Christian activists, and revolutionary communists stepped up to the mic outside the Chicago Club, speaking with great passion to call on people to stop fascism. The call was read from for people to become organizers of organizers so that millions come to DC to stop Trump-Pence from taking power. People took several thousand fliers in bundles with the Refuse Fascism call to distribute more broadly.





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