January 14—Protests Planned Across the U.S. in a Day of Action to Protect Immigrants and Refugees

January 12, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


“The Trump team has already announced that some of their first acts of brutality will be to lash out against immigrants and Muslims. Their aim is to deport millions of immigrants, rip millions of families apart and drive tens of millions of immigrants, refugees and their families and friends into silence out of fear.”—from call for the January 14 Day of Action

Protests are planned across the U.S. on Saturday, January 14 against the Trump cabal’s fascist threats to immediately ramp up repression and brutality against immigrants and refugees. Aside from deporting millions, Trump has also vowed to overturn Obama’s executive orders giving temporary deferral of deportations to some undocumented people, and to punish local and state governments that give sanctuary to immigrants without legal papers. Various immigrant rights, union, environmental, and other groups are involved in the call. Kica Matos, a director of immigrant rights at Center for Community Change in Washington, DC, one of the groups involved, told reporters, “This is a new world, and we are getting ready for the fight of our lives... There’s no question that we will have to use every tool in our arsenal to fight against the xenophobia and bigotry that has infected Trump’s plans when it comes to immigration. Is civil disobedience on the menu? Absolutely.”

There are more than 60 events across 20 states announced so far for the Day of Action—links to the events are available here.



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