UC Student Employees Union Plans to Join a Students and Workers Walk-out and Direct Action Campaign beginning January 20

January 9, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


UAW Local 2865 represents over 12,000 academic student employees—readers, tutors, TAs and others—at the nine University of California teaching campuses. In December, the local announced a decision to join University of California students and workers in a walk-out and direct action campaign beginning January 20—“Against Fascism and Attacks on Public Education, Students, and Workers.” The union has raised 10 demands to the UC Administration, beginning with “Denounce Donald Trump’s government.” Other demands include “Restore free education”; “End state policies that enable racial segregation at all levels of education”; and “Designate Sanctuary School status to protect undocumented members of our community.”

Their statement also says:

Our labor as students and workers plays a key role in providing Trump with a material basis for his power in the presidency, most evident in the military research and production that takes place throughout UC campuses. When Trump is talking about mandating Muslims to register in a national database, deporting undocumented migrants, bringing “law and order” to “inner cities,” and “bombing the shit out of ’em,” he is talking about utilizing the machinery that is produced as a result of our own labor.

We take action against the Trump administration to declare our noncompliance as long as he is in office.

We say, “NO!”



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