Projection Protest on Twitter HQs Demands: Stop Promoting Trump’s Fascist Hate Speech

January 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


At Twitter headquarters, San Francisco, January 26
Photo: Twitter/@AEMarling

San Francisco, January 26—Around 20 protesters gathered outside Twitter’s headquarters on Thursday evening for a “Projection Protest” demanding that Twitter stop collaborating with Donald Trump by amplifying his hate speech and his threats. The activists projected huge messages on the side of Twitter’s building comparing Trump to Hitler. One of the messages projected for all to see asked: “Would Twitter Ban Hitler?” Others said “#No Twitter For Trump” and “Mouthpiece of Fascism.” Many people on the street stopped to join the chant “Twitter’s gotta dump the @realdonaldtrump” and to photograph the words projected on Twitter’s building. “Twitter is allowing itself to be the mouthpiece of fascism and the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever known,” the protest’s Facebook event reads. “To this we say no. Twitter endangers the world by amplifying Dishonest Donald’s ignorance in regards to foreign policy and nuclear proliferation. To this we say no.” A.E. Marling of, lead organizer of the protests, said, “Because of Twitter’s anti-abuse policies, because of their stated commitment to social justice, and because they do business in San Francisco, they should ban @realDonaldTrump. Giving voice to a fascist and allowing him to spew his hatred and ignorance not only threatens to destroy our democracy, but could also lead to the next world war.”


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