Austin, TX: 2,000 in #NoBanNoWall Protest

February 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

Austin Texas, February 25Austin TX, February 25

On Saturday, February 25, about 2,000 people rallied on the steps of the state capitol in Austin, Texas, for protest against the Trump/Pence regime’s Muslim ban, wall on the Mexico border, and terroristic raids and deportations against immigrants. People had a clear message to the White House and Texas lawmakers: No Ban, No Wall. Speakers ranged from elected officials to refugees, immigrants, lawyers, and teachers. Many of them spoke about how their lives and those of many others have been drastically changed since the Trump presidency. And they spoke to their determination to resist these attacks and stand in solidarity with each other and all communities under attack. Most people there were from Austin, and there were small groups who came from all over Texas: San Antonio, New Braunfels, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Temple, and small towns in between.

Many of the people who took up’s “NO!” said that what Trump is doing needs to be called out for what it is—fascist. One woman was brought to tears when talking about her frustration that every day, people are protesting all over the country against all the horrors of everything they’re doing, but Trump just won’t let up. Several people also talked about how they see the similarities between what’s happening here and in Nazi Germany, and the need for people to stop this now.



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