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Two Paths: Mopping Up Our Own Blood and Cooperating with the Pigs, or Making Revolution

April 8, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


In response to the powerful statement from Carl Dix about the recent horrific killings in South Shore, “Get out of This Insanity and Get Into the Revolution,” one so-called community activist said, “We don’t need no damn revolution, we need people that genuinely care about the Black people in the Black community to get these people organized the right way!” Then this activist went out and mopped up the blood of the people killed. First off, the masses of Black people have needed revolution for a long, long time—400 years, as a matter of fact. But leave that aside for now.

What does this activist mean by “organizing the right way”? This so-called anti-police-brutality activist who “cares about Black people” said police should “find them killers and lock them up for life.” How has that worked for Black people when the police are given a green light to go hunting our youth and then lock people up for life? We KNOW what that means—people getting shot down, railroaded, and all that. You think THIS system is gonna give anyone some justice?? Calling for the police to “find them killers” means giving them a free hand to do all that and means you are automatically disqualified from having any credibility to talk about caring about Black people!

This community activist’s advice comes down to saying: don’t fight to get free, don’t fight to get humanity free, don’t figure out how to end oppression, don’t get with the leadership that can lead you out of this mess. Let this system keep spilling people’s blood and having our people spill each other’s blood. The best we can do is mop it up.

Look people, we need an ACTUAL revolution. And we have the leadership we need to make and win that revolution, Bob Avakian. What is needed, is like Carl Dix said, “to get into the vision and plan he has charted for how the revolution could win and bring into being a world without all this nightmare of oppression here and around the world.”

Two roads are being posed. One keeps you inside the killing confines of this system. The other is the road to bring down this fucking system.

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