Thousands March in Dallas Against Trump’s Attacks on Undocumented, Muslim, and All Immigrants

April 9, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


No ban,no wall

Thousands of people marched through Dallas, Texas, to City Hall on Sunday, April 9, to show their support for immigrants under attack by the Trump/Pence regime.

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the organizers said they were calling for “real immigration reform and an end to aggressive deportation efforts that have separated families, targeted DACA students and left our communities in fear.” They also said: “We are calling for an end to executive orders that have discriminated against our Muslim brothers and sisters based on their faith. We are calling for an end to hate crimes and hate speech that have increased since the election, and we want to join together and send a message that hate has no place in our nation.”

A number of elected officials, celebrities, and activists were expected to speak at the rally, including Martin Luther King III, actors Jamie Foxx and Danny Glover, Joaquin Castro and other Texas Congressional Representatives, and activists from the African-American, Jewish, Latino, and Muslim communities.

On Monday, May 1, a diverse array of immigrants’ rights groups, students, unions, and more across the country are calling for a general strike and mass protests against the attacks on immigrants. Refuse Fascism is calling on people to join these protests as a major statement against the Trump/Pence regime and a key part of the battle to drive it from power. Go to to join in these protests.


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