As The Trump/Pence Regime Threatens War With North Korea—

Should Oppressed People Fight for the System That Holds Them Down—Or Should We Fight to Overthrow That System?


April 24, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


I was drafted into the U.S. army in the 1960s and given orders to go to Vietnam. I refused to go fight in Vietnam and served two years in prison because of that. I wasn’t going to go thousands of miles to be part of a war against people fighting to free their country while Black people were catching hell in this country.

That same question is up today. The US has ships armed with nuclear weapons and tens of thousands of troops around the borders of North Korea. A US war with that small country would be an unjust, imperialist war. If nuclear weapons are used, millions of people would die, millions more would suffer starvation and the climate of the whole planet would be devastated.

It is not in the interests of humanity to fight in or to support this system’s wars. Instead of fighting for this system, oppressed people need to get with the revolution to overthrow the system that threatens the world with nuclear war! And they need to get with the leadership we have for this revolution in Bob Avakian, a leader who has figured out how we could succeed in getting rid of this system thru revolution and developed a vision of the kind of world that this revolution could bring into being. You can find out about this leader and this revolution at

And to the youth: Don’t go running to join their capitalist-imperialist army. It’s their army, not ours. And this isn’t our country either. The only time they tell us it’s our country is when they want us to fight, kill people and maybe die for them. Otherwise, they have their pigs beating us down, locking us up and even killing us off. Oppressed people have no business fighting in this system’s wars. And we shouldn’t ever get sucked into rooting for our oppressors to ever win a war. A system that has put a lunatic like Trump in the White House and a Christian fascist like Pence right beside him, and is threatening the world with nuclear war is no damned good. It needs to be gotten rid of thru revolution. We shouldn’t be fighting for them, and we shouldn’t be fighting each other either. We need to be seizing on their troubles to get busy preparing to do away with their system by making revolution at the soonest possible time.

So I will debate anyone who wants to tell the youth to join that imperialist army around this question:

Resolved: Oppressed people should not support the war moves of their oppressors or fight in their wars—We should fight to overthrow that system!

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