“Black Lives Still Don’t Matter” Protest
Stops Traffic on Las Vegas Strip

June 2, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Late Sunday afternoon, May 28, 75 or more protesters, Black and white of different ages, carried out civil disobedience and blocked traffic in front of the Venetian Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The action was themed “Black Lives Still Don’t Matter” in protest of the May 15 police murder of an unarmed African American—40-year-old Tashii Brown-Farmer. 

Tashii can be seen on video approaching a couple of Las Vegas Metro PD cops for help. The pigs instead chased him down, threw him to the ground, viciously tasered him seven times (since each taser shot delivers 50,000 volts, Tashii was electrocuted with 350,000 volts in total), and then punched and beat him. Finally, the pigs strangled Tashii with a choke hold until he lost consciousness—and stopped breathing and living.

This was followed by the typical character assassination of Tashii in a police press conference. Tashii’s arrest record was displayed along with his jail mugshot. He was referred to as “the suspect” even though there was not even a pretense of a crime that led to the foot chase and the police killing him. AND the Undersheriff McMahill baldly stated that if Tashii had survived, he would not have been charged with anything at all. Clearly Tashii’s only crime is BWB—Breathing While Black—a capital offense punishable by instant death under this system.

This police murder has drawn a lot of outrage among the people of Las Vegas, from the ACLU to the NAACP to many ordinary people. There is a documentary film coming out later this summer titled What Happened in Vegas by filmmaker Ramsey Denison about the notorious brutality of the LVPD.

The much-needed spirited protest on May 28 had stopped traffic on the Strip for a few moments when a white supremacist Trumpite/vigilante in a “Make America Great Again” hat attacked one of the women and began to choke her. Several other protesters came to her defense and pulled him off her. The dozens of cops surrounding the protest, including pigs on horses, then arrested 10 of the protesters while letting the Nazi goon go! The media then reported that the protest turned “violent.”

Enough is enough! Drop the charges on the anti-police brutality protesters! Arrest, indict, send the killer cop (Kenneth Lopera) to jail!



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