Six protesters arrested for hanging “RESIST” Banner on Trump Tower in Chicago

July 14, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


This week in Chicago, six protesters, four of them Greenpeace activists, were arrested for hanging a large banner on Trump Tower. At the top of the banner was the word “RESIST” with an arrow pointing toward Trump Tower. Below it is a picture of the Earth with the word “DEFEND” emblazoned across it. Of the protesters arrested, the four Greenpeace activists face felony charges, and Trump Tower claims they caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

The action followed a number of resistance campaigns by global environmental groups resisting Trump’s attacks on the climate, humanity, and science. Greenpeace explained that the banner was a message “to show this administration that the people of Chicago—and people all over the country—will continue to RESIST Trump’s attacks on our clean air and water, and defend our communities and the planet!” One of the protesters being charged was quoted on Greenpeace’s website proclaiming, “This action demonstrates that we will not accept the threats that the Trump administration poses to people here and around the world.” He added, “Ignoring the science of climate change and removing us from the Paris Climate Agreement is just another indication that the billionaires who have hijacked our democracy are putting the short term profit of corporations over people and the planet.”


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