Trump/Pence Threatens Millions Around the Globe—This Week Alone

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ALERT: On August 1, appearing on the Today show, Senator Lindsay Graham threatened the lives of many millions of people in Asia. Graham dismissed those who say the U.S. doesn’t have military options in North Korea: “There is a military option—to destroy North Korea's program and North Korea itself." He readily admitted that “Japan, South Korea, China would all be in the crosshairs” of a U.S. war on North Korea. "If there’s going to be a war to stop [North Korea], it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there. They’re not going to die here. And [Trump] has told me that to my face." The U.S. has carried out massive slaughters before: during the 1950-1953 Korean War, the U.S. killed 3 million people, carpet bombed the north, and destroyed every building over one story.

Just this past week, the Trump/Pence regime threatened the lives of hundreds of millions across the globe:

U.S. Naval Commander Says “Yes,” He Would Nuke China If Trump Ordered It. During his campaign, Trump asked a foreign policy expert three times: If we have nukes, why can’t we use them? On Thursday, July 27, while in Australia for war games aimed at China involving 30,000 U.S. and Australian soldiers, the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet was asked if he would obey a Trump order to launch a nuclear attack on China. Admiral Scott Swift replied, “The answer would be yes.” This chilling response threatens China and the world with a nuclear holocaust.

Threatening war with North Korea and beyond: On Friday, July 28, shortly after North Korea carried out a new missile test, the U.S. military command and South Korea discussed military options against North Korea, and the two countries carried out military maneuvers. Then Sunday, in a show of force, two U.S. B-1 nuclear-capable bombers flew close to the North Korean border. This comes after repeated threats by the Trump/Pence regime that all options are on the table against North Korea.

Earlier this week, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “[A]nyone who’s been alive since World War II has never seen the loss of life that could occur if there’s a conflict on the Korean Peninsula,” but warned such a war was not “unimaginable.” What was unimaginable, he said, was allowing North Korea to have a nuclear-armed missile capable of hitting Denver, Colorado. In other words, the U.S. would rather go to war, knowing the slaughter that would ensue, rather than lose its military and political dominance of the Asia-Pacific region. 

The U.S. has deployed attack aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to the Korean Peninsula and is now setting up the THAAD anti-missile defense system in South Korea. China considers this a direct threat that could weaken its ability to deter a nuclear attack. South Korea is now demanding that the U.S. allow it to build more powerful, longer-range missiles that could hit not only North Korea but China as well.

Trump Ratchets Up Threats Against Iran, Trying to Void Nuclear Deal. In the Middle East, the U.S. has officially certified that Iran is abiding by the nuclear agreement it signed in 2015 with the U.S. and other world powers. The U.S., however, is blatantly violating the deal by imposing new sanctions on Iran, and now Trump has ordered his staff to come up with excuses for pulling out of the agreement while blaming it on Iran. Breaking this agreement would signal a major threat against Iran and move toward confrontation.

In Youngstown, Ohio, this week, Trump condemned the Iran nuclear deal and threatened “if that deal doesn’t conform to what it’s supposed to conform to, there’s going to be big, big problems for them.” Recently, a New York Times editorial warned that the “drumbeat of provocative words, outright threats and actions” against Iran from Trump, his supporters, and reactionary regimes like Saudi Arabia could lead to war.



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