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Time to Put an End to This Nightmare!
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August 16, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



In the wake of the Klan-Nazi rally in Charlottesville where the fascists murdered Heather Heyer and injured many, many more, including in racist gang assaults... where they trooped through the streets carrying torches and armed to the teeth, chanting slogans against Black people, gay people, and Jews... and where some people bravely stood up against the lynch-mob... Donald Trump has made totally clear where he stands. With the fascists. Period.

Trump is not blundering. Nor is he on an out-of-control, self-destructive ego trip. Trump is calculating. Trump is moving. He is tearing up the legitimating norms of this country—the principles that politicians are supposed to pay lip service to and the procedures through which government is supposed to proceed—and he is doing this consciously. He is setting the new norms that he believes to be necessary for “American greatness”—a USA up against tremendous challenges and contradictions. Trump, and the regime he leads, stands for unapologetic, violent, lynch-mob-style white supremacy... to replace the systemic and systematic but hypocritically denied white supremacy enforced by the police, the courts, and a thousand other institutions. Trump and Pence and the regime they lead—including the many generals now holding civilian posts—stand for and implement open, unapologetic, vicious American bullying with nuclear weapons... to replace diplomatic, covert, “multilateral” American bullying with nuclear weapons. Trump, and Pence, and their legions of Christian fascist minions, stand for open, unapologetic, virulent hatred and degradation of women and LGBTQ people, including outright denial of fundamental rights, to replace the hypocritical and disavowed (but widely practiced) misogyny and anti-gay discrimination and oppression. Not to mention the open vicious attacks on Muslims, immigrants, etc.

In doing so, Trump is calling the bluff of all the established politicians and commentators. He is defending, energizing, and emboldening the core of his base. He is setting his norms, the norms of fascism, in place at a breakneck pace. Yet none of the politicians criticizing Trump and or tut-tutting against racism will dare call Trump the FASCIST that he is. None of them will say that the Trump/Pence regime must go NOW. Let alone concretely proposing how to do that. And meanwhile, the juggernaut rolls on. Waiting and hoping for them, for someone “up there,” for someone beside yourself to take action... to stand up...  to organize...  is worse than wishful thinking; it is irresponsible at a time that demands moral responsibility and political accountability.

The situation is dire. This nightmare must urgently be ended—and it is up to you. But not you alone. There is a force that in fact has been calling out the regime as fascist; that has in fact been posing the urgency to act, NOW, around the demand that THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO. There is a force that has a plan on how to do that. That force, that group, is

And this weekend that group,, is meeting in five cities around the country. They will lay plans to mount massive demonstrations, South Korea-style, on November 4, refusing to leave the streets until the regime is over. Until it is history.

This is your chance, and this is your duty, to reverse the tide. Seize it.


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