Chicago: Revolution Club attends a funeral on the Southside.

The Horrible—the Unnecessary—Pain and Suffering—that comes from being played by THIS fucking System.

By Joe Veale

August 22, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



Today, Saturday, August 19th, four members of the Revolution Club went to a funeral on the Southside. Hundreds of people were in attendance.

Once again a young man was killed for being in the “wrong neighborhood.” Shot to death by someone just like him. By someone vicariously looking in the mirror who saw someone just like themselves, decided he was the enemy and pulled the trigger.

Our appearance was both welcome and controversial. A small but very vocal number of people said this was not the time or the place for the revolution. In reality though this was exactly the place and time for people to hear from the revolution. 

We boldly got up and got in line when things were opened up for people in attendance to make comments. Many people got in line. It was not certain if we were going to get a chance to speak.

But the reverend said before ending this part of the “service” she wanted the “REVOLUTION—NOTHING LESS” to speak. We were in uniform—and she repeated this two or three times as we approached the microphone.

The four of us went up together. We stood before all offering our heartfelt condolences to the family on behalf of the revolution.

Our spokesman said there were some people in attendance who know what we are against but very few who knew what we are for but they are about to find out—he told everyone that he had some words—a message—from the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party—and the leader of the revolution BA.

He read selected parts of the Central Committee statement on “What the Fascist Trump/Pence Will Mean For Black people and What Must Be Done About It, NOW!”

He read the first two paragraphs and the part that says: “We Need A Revolution!” that quotes BA about the potential for something of unprecedented beauty to arise out of unspeakable ugliness… and the paragraph following that, that speaks to how we have the leadership for this revolution.

Many in attendance verbally responded: “that’s right!” “come on now!” “tell it!”

Afterwards numerous people approached us saying they really appreciated us—appreciated us being there and appreciated the bold and daring revolutionary work we are doing in this neighborhood on the Southside of Chicago.

Before we spoke a reverend had said god had a plan and had called this young man home. But now this reverend said “god did not have a plan…”—“the plan was for this young man to live a full life…,” “he had potential…”

We passed out palm cards inviting many people to come hear Carl Dix speak Sunday on August 20th on “Trumps Violent Reassertion of White Supremacy, the Threat of Genocide, and What Must Be Done, NOW!”  






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