Now THAT was a Funds Pitch!

Revolution Club secures $900 in donations and pledges at Carl Dix talk in Chicago

August 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

I was able to attend Carl Dix’s talk in Chicago on August 20, “Trump’s Violent Reassertion of White Supremacy, the Threat of Genocide, and What Must Be Done NOW!” It was a really powerful talk and set the stage for what I wanted to share with your readers. At Carl Dix’s talk, members of the Revolution Club described in vivid detail their experience in Charlottesville confronting and then not backing down in spite of being clubbed in the head by the fascist white supremacists; spreading the message of revolution and Bob Avakian’s new synthesis of communism among the protestors and in the housing projects.

Then a representative of the Club talked about the continuing struggle for the aims of Revolution Summer! Volunteers coming to Chicago to make it known for revolution—not the insanity of young people killing each other. I took in what she said—that it hasn’t been easy. Some people have stepped forward into the revolution and there’s been a big impact in a number of neighborhoods mainly on the South Side of Chicago. But she wasn’t satisfied and talked about the need for more forces to join up, not just to get into a position to influence all of society around this crucial concentration point, but also to forge a leadership that’s strong enough to lead an actual revolution. She made it clear, ‘WE ARE NOT GOING TO BACK OFF OUR MISSION.’ Then, after a challenge to get with the Revolution Club on the spot, a very gripping appeal for funds began.

The audience was challenged to think about what’s needed, and where we are in history. When the people in the neighborhoods ask, “how do you live? we know you’re not working, ’cause you’re out here arguing with us every day!” she said she tells them, “IT COMES FROM YOU,” the masses of people. No corporation, no government entity is going to fund us. No revolution is made without a lot of risks and sacrifices… donate until it hurts. These volunteers come from all over the country to do this work for humanity. The South Side organizing center needs support. And what about when youth decide to get out of this madness—they ask how they will survive and they need networks of support to do that. Who can donate $200? LONG PAUSE… If you can’t donate today, make a pledge to donate or to fund-raise $200. LONG PAUSE. A voice from the crowd, “I don’t want to stand up, but I pledge $100!” Applause. Another voice, “I will donate $200 today.” Applause. Another, “I pledge $100”; another, “I pledge $200”; another, “As a couple we can give you $200”; another, “I pledge $100.” The Revolution Club member gave encouragement—“this is how we do it together.” Altogether $900 was donated and pledged as people grasped deeply how much difference this will make in the world! It must be said that the pauses were almost as important as the appeal itself, showing strategic confidence in the people to dig deep into their consciences as well as their pocketbooks.



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