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"Four poems that express my thoughts in regard to the state of the presidency, economy and racism."

September 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


CA, Aug 18, 2017

Peace Comrades:

I love you guys for your priceless contributions to the struggle at large, especially as it pertains to the belly of the beast. I am enclosing four poems that express my thoughts in regard to the state of the presidency, economy and racism. Take Care.





A vote for a presidential redneck

Generations of white tyrannical rule

Masters of making people’s lives a wreck

Constitutional rights the size of a molecule

Circus competition from a two party election

Millions of dollars vested into showmanship

One voice allegedly for all protection

A con game equivalent to a slave whip




Democracy strictly for the ruling class

White membership surpassing public rhetoric

Law abiding racist transparent as glass

Caste systems installed brick by brick

National monuments symbolizing a whitewash past

Founded on the scorched back of slaves

Indigenous citizens treated as an outcast

In a society erected from mass graves




Government funding to white hate groups

Both in the trenches against black sovereignty

Fruitful roads leading to vigilante para troops

Political campaigns to administer mental poverty

Black code laws separating man from beast

Bibles reinterpreted showing truth of inferiority

Generations of the wealthiest slave feast

Subliminal constitution with an invisible priority




Laws that ignite dissension among the people

Professional criminals with badges of authority

Diabolical actions summed into the cointelpro era

Frame ups to prosecute all leftist potential

Ku Klux Klans sworn into the oval office

Concentration camps as windows to population control

Executive tricks for the disappearance of martyrs

Congressional statutes to eradicate radical voices

Memorandums transformed into secret service bullets

An open grave to another dying song



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