There Is No Shortcut Through 2018—This Regime Must Be Driven from Power!

September 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



If you hate this regime, if you fear its destruction, but you are pinning your hopes on the 2018 elections, there are two articles in the Tuesday, September 26, New York Times you need to read.

The first, “Wisconsin Strict ID Law Discouraged Voters, Study Finds,” makes clear that Republican laws to suppress the vote of Black people, the poor, immigrants and the young are doing just that—holding down the vote enough so that some elections (including the 2016 one in Wisconsin) have probably been decided by the practice.

The second, by Michelle Goldberg, “Tyranny of the Minority,” points out that due to the laws of this country, rooted in and going back to slavery and now strengthened by the Republi-fascists, while the Democrats took over 55 percent nationwide of all the votes for the House of Representatives, Republicans actually hold a nearly 40-seat majority! As for 2020, should there still be a planet at that point, the Republicans could lose the popular vote by five million and still win the presidency.

Leaving aside a longer though important debate about the role of elections in capitalism, the point here for now is this: There is no easy, cut-rate way out of this nightmare. But there IS a way. There is November 4, and the prospect of thousands and then millions taking the streets in a sustained way, creating a political crisis which then can force the Trump/Pence regime from power. That will take YOU to do; but it is possible and it is more than worth it.



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