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Email sent out widely from Refuse Fascism on 10/18/17

An Invitation To Be a Part of a Bold Plan to End the Nightmare


Think hard about this: Trump is setting us “on a path towards World War III.” Not our words, but those of the arch-conservative senator Bob Corker. What does that tell you?

Everyone who is opposed to this possible “path” becoming reality needs to act now on bridging the gap between the extreme danger posed by the Trump/Pence Regime and the level of mass resistance to it.

There is a way forward: a massive movement of people taking to the streets in non-violent protest every day and night until this regime is removed from power. This begins November 4.

THIS WEEKEND YOU ARE NEEDED TO EMPOWER PEOPLE to understand that the future depends on them to make it known everywhere that:


From Friday, October 20, through Monday, October 23, RefuseFascism is calling on each of you to devote your time and effort to being a part of

A BOLD PLAN to Mobilize the People to Make Nov. 4 Known Everywhere!

If you are reading this, you are needed to knock on doors, to make phone calls, to get posters up in store fronts, to join teams of people in the neighborhoods and on the trains, to be a part of the evening light projections on buildings raising the demand that millions want in their hearts: for the Trump/Pence Regime to be gone!

If together we make Nov. 4, and the great cause it begins, known everywhere this weekend, at a moment when people are agonizing over what the Trump/Pence Regime has done in just the last 10 days: ratcheted up danger of war; denied birth control; demeaned and gagged NFL players fighting for justice; strangled healthcare; and left millions of Puerto Ricans to die, THIS CAN INSPIRE AND GIVE PEOPLE A SENSE OF THE POSSIBILITY FOR REAL CHANGE. THIS WEEKEND CAN BE A MAJOR STEP TOWARDS NOV. 4.

Wherever you are: Volunteer to join this saturation effort now.

Bring your mom, your friends, your neighbors!

There is a mood change that is beginning again, and if we act in this new way together, projecting the bold vision of Nov. 4 and putting it in people’s hands, we could awake a sleeping giant.

There are two choices we all face right now: Act like the future depends on it; or not... consider what that will mean.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Copy this and email to 5 friends and recruit them to join you in the effort to drive out this regime.



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