From a prisoner in California:

Revolutionary Greetings to All My Comrades

October 30, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Thank you for (PRLF) that I’ve been receiving. I’ve been having discussions with other prisoners and sharing the (PRLF) to expose them of the truth. Here’s a summary of what I’ve gotten. Trump attacks directly to the agenda of Christianity fascism/fascist ruling class. There aim is to impose rule by dictates of fundamentalist Christianity on the U.S. Tiller[son] tried to work things out with North Korea over nuclear weapons. He was at China which implied he was doin all this through them. Donald Trump immediately tweets Tiller[son] to let him know he’s wasting his time & continues to mock and provoke Kim Jong-Un. Trump is a MORON as Tiller[son] called him. I agree. Trump continues to label Iran non compliant on nuclear deal. He wants them to stop production. As his top advisors give him advice he completely rejects attempts to avoid war. He continues to provocate threats of war the probability that the (US) will end in war, a nuclear war that is high.

The Trump/Pence regime is a severe threat to humanity. Trump acts as if it's a dictatorship policy. They’ve rescinded a policy that protects transgenders, gutted the requirement that employers pay for birth control, lied about fetal development to advance federal abortion ban.

They have threatened military action against North Korea or Iran—the so call “calm before the storm.” Republicans are rapidly disenfranchising people of color, immigrants, and others to lock in a permanent Republican majority in Congress and choosing a President. Now on all the mass shootings in the United Snakes takes us to gun violence. To understand why you can’t just look at the question of guns but look more deeply at the characters of society that is shaping the people who are turning those guns on each other. U.S. relationship with violence in The Homeland has everything to do with slavery, genocide and the theft of land from Mexico. Gun control is not the answer. The system uses its guns in the hands of the police to murder people indiscriminately, Black and Brown people. The urgency of the call for massive, defiant, non-violence demonstrations is in our interest for humanity.

I will end as I entered with revolutionary spirit.

Footnote: I would like to further increase my self and earn some books. What do I need to do as you can see I am indigent but through my knowledge I can educate masses?


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