Letter from a Prisoner:

“Women across the globe are saying, ‘Time’s Up!’”

April 30, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


What we are witnessing today are generations of abuses going ignored. But we can ignore them no longer. “Time’s Up!” Women across the globe are saying, “Time’s Up!” for sexism, chauvinism, machoism and all societies “ism’s” that have kept women in the society and around the world in inferior positions. Our refusal and our unwillingness to listen and take action has created a movement that will no longer be ignored.

We are at a critical moment in history. This moment is exposing what happens in a society and to a society who has a history of denying its citizens equal rights and protections. From music, to arts, to entertainment, to education and sports, women have been systematically denied equal access, rights and employment. Lives and careers have been affected and ruined. But not only that, as a society we are all “affected and ruined” by oppression and abuse. Our advances, our growth, our creativity, and our potential as a nation depends on us elevating women to their true position so that we can realize the best of who we are and what we are. Oppression and abuse are diseases that affect the society and stunt our growth.

We now have a golden opportunity to advance in all aspects of human life and activity. Our potential, growth, and success depends on this moment. Either we advance or digress. If we don’t get right now, we could again hear someone saying again soon, “Me Too.”

Time’s Up!”

You Violated Our Hearts, Souls, And Minds,
You Refused To Hear Our Many Complaints And Cries...
You’ve Ruined Careers, Destroyed Lives With No Remorse,
You’ve Always Refused To Put Us First...

We Bear Your Children, Raise Families, And Help Build Societies,
We Are Your Mothers, Your Daughters, Your Sisters, And Aunties.
From Cradle To Grave We Are Needed But Not Acknowledged,
You Abuse Us To Fulfill Your Own Lust...

As Little Girls We Aren’t Safe, We Are Preyed On And Objectified,
By The Time We Reach Adulthood We Are Afraid For Our Lives...
No More Abuse And Mistreatment, We’ve Finally Had Enough...
This Is A Movement NOT A Moment, Finally...

“Time’s Up!”

“You can only keep any group oppressed and marginalized

For so long...”

How Are We Affected?*

Could The Way We Treat Women Reflect Our Own Self-Worth?
How We See Ourselves, Misdirected Anger And Hurt?
Chauvinist, Narcissistic, Or Just Plain Ignorant?
Bias, Partial, Are We Narrow Minded?

What Talents, Gifts, And Skills Are Undiscovered, Unused?
What Is The World Missing Because Of Our Abuse?
What Has The World Been Denied Because Of Our Ways?
What Have We Stolen From Humanity, What Have We Taken?

What Do We Owe, What Do We Know, What Can We Achieve?
What Can Be Recovered, Re-Discovered, What Can Be Retrieved?
Is It Too Late? Can We Get Back On Track?
Can We Re-Direct It All, Can We Find Our Path?

What Cures, Antidotes, And Breakthroughs Are Ahead?
What Are The Answers, The Remedies, What’s Our Next Step?
So Much We’ve Disregarded, Omitted, And Neglected...,
Because We’ve Devalued And Disrespected Women...,

*How Are We Affected?*


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