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7 Members of Revolution Club Chicago Attacked by Police at Puerto Rican Day Parade

Demand That the Charges Be Dropped!

Updated June 17, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Update, June 17: All of the Revolution Club members arrested have now been released and have been charged with misdemeanors for "obstructing" police.


June 16 at Chicago’s Puerto Rican Day Parade, seven people with the Chicago Revolution Club were vamped on by the police and arrested. Lawyers are trying to locate them, concerned that they may be being held in vans in oppressive heat. Call the Chicago Police Department's 25th District at 312-746-8605. Demand that those arrested be located and the charges dropped immediately.

The U.S. can kill thousands in the wake of a hurricane by its cruel treatment of Puerto Rico as a colony not deserving of even basic humanitarian aid. Revolutionaries calling out this and many other crimes of the U.S., letting people know that a much better world could be brought into being through a revolution, are being REPEATEDLY arrested in Chicago. Last week at a public festival in Back of the Yards where four, including Joe Veale, were arrested; this week at the Puerto Rican Day parade where Noche Diaz was arrested along with seven others. This must stop now!

The police and the authorities are clearly afraid of this revolutionary message being connected up with the masses of people. This will not stop the work of the Revolution Club. But you need to join the fray on their side. Call the station, raise legal funds (donate here), and get HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution (the pamphlet they were distributing) out everywhere.




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