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Revolution Club in NYC Refuses to Back Down from Exposing Harlem Recruiting Center

June 18, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


The U.S. military fucks over people in more than 180 countries, raining down terror and wrecking societies, all in the service of plunder and domination. It is the battering ram of imperialism. The refugees at the border right now, being ripped from their kids? They come from countries ravaged by U.S. military intervention and “aid.” And in all the news about Korea, you never hear that the U.S. “armed services” murdered 3 MILLION (!) Korean people and leveled 90% of the buildings above two stories.

So what the fuck are youth from oppressed communities and youth who give a shit about humanity and justice doing joining this instrument of terror? Should they not spit on the U.S. flag and these “armed services” and enlist instead in the forces now preparing for revolution at the earliest possible time?

This is the message the Revolution Club in NYC took to the Harlem U.S. military recruitment center on June 7 and got an interested and supportive response. We got out copies of HOW WE CAN WIN, caused somewhat of a scene, and got into discussion and debate.

This was too much for the pigs in green and blue. Last Thursday a number of military came out and then, when the agitation started, they called the NYPD pigs. These pigs came out and began videotaping Club members right up in their faces, attempting to intimidate masses from getting into the discussion, debate, participation and exposure of the week before.

The Club now says that they are going back this Thursday, June 21, and drawing the lines even more sharply. They are appealing to several different forces and all kinds of people to join together first at Revolution Books and then march the 7 blocks to the recruitment center, creating a scene of resistance and revolution and drawing the lines sharply against this imperialist killing machine.

NYC Revolution Club at Harlem Recruiting Station

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