Alert: The Threat of U.S. War in Iran Is More Acute Than Ever

Get These Materials Out to Wake People Up and Move Them to Act in the Interests of Humanity



The world faces an acute situation with the escalating threat of a U.S. war of aggression on Iran—with horrific consequences for the people of the country, the region, and beyond. This is on top of the U.S.’s economic warfare and sanctions that have already had devastating effects on the lives of Iranian masses. There are differences within the U.S. ruling class over Iran—but all within the framework of how best to advance imperialist America’s “right” and needs to dominate a strategically important part of the world. (See this article currently at for more on this.) In none of this is there the slightest concern for the lives and well-being of the 80 million people of Iran, or for the interests of humanity as a whole.

This situation poses an urgent challenge for those who do see the U.S. war threats for the monstrous crimes they are: to go out all over—to the climate protests, campuses, neighborhoods, public squares, BEB events, and more. We need to a draw a clear line of demarcation with the three slogans below—and struggle for people to stand on the right side and act in the interests of humanity.

American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People’s Lives. 
–Bob Avakian, BAsics 5:7

NO U.S. War On Iran!

STOP Wars of Empire, Armies of Occupation, and Crimes Against Humanity!

On this page there are three things to use in doing this:

  • PDFs for making stickers with the slogans (signed with and unsigned)
  • PDFs for making large banners—you can have people sign them, Revolution Clubs can add their names to them, etc. (signed with and unsigned)
  • PDF for a flyer or poster

Banner 10' x 5' (PDF) - with


Banner 10' x 5' (PDF) - general:





Leaftlet/Poster 8.5x11 PDF:

Sticker - with (4"x4") (PDF):

Sticker - with (PDF, 4up):

Sticker - general (PDF, 4up):


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