Fort Worth:

For the “Crime” of Being Black, Playing Video Games with Your Nephew, Open Doors: Immediate Execution by Police



Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, known as Tay, was a “cool auntie.” In the wee hours of Saturday, October 12, she was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew. Tay was only 28 years old with her whole life in front of her. She had moved in to take care of her ailing mother. After getting a BA degree in biology she was studying to apply for medical school. But these dreams were horrifically slammed shut when a murdering cop shot through the window, killing Atatiana.

A neighbor had called the Fort Worth police, concerned because the doors of Atatiana’s home were open. Cops arrive and start slinking around the house. One white cop, Aaron Dean, without identifying himself, looks into a window, gun drawn, and yells, “Put up your hands up! Show me your hands!" Two seconds later, he fires. 

2019 isn’t even over and the Fort Worth police have now already shot and killed seven people. Hundreds have come out to protest this particularly outrageous police murder. Many are drawing parallels to how Botham Jean was murdered by a white Dallas cop who entered Jean’s apartment by mistake.

Such cold-blooded police murders happen all the time because of this system – a system that criminalizes Black and Brown people, unjustly arrests and locks up so many, and allows the pigs to wantonly kill with no punishment.

Killer cop Dean resigned after he was initially put on “administrative leave.” Then late on Monday, after this cold-blooded murder became a national news story, and after outrage around the country, Dean was arrested, charged with murder, and put in jail.

Cops recorded this with a body cam. Lots of good that did! They claim a legally owned gun was somewhere in the house. But even if true, so what? There is absolutely no evidence that this legally owned gun had anything to do with what happened. This cop says he felt “threatened” – which is the routine justification that allows pigs to get away with murder by simply saying they encountered a Black person and felt in danger.

Ask yourself this, if you haven't already asked yourself hundreds of times:

What kind of system executes people for playing a video game with their nephew late at night?


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