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The National Revolution Tour has been throwing all-in with Refuse Fascism and its plan for October 19 to demand THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO—NOW! We have done a lot of work on the trains of New York, which are a main artery and the heartbeat to the city, where people from all walks of life travel. We have been stirring the air, and this has attracted many people to check this out and to turn their heads to this. 

We have been wrestling and struggling every day over organizing. What does it look like to organize as revolutionary communists, who are throwing in to drive out this fascist regime? How do we sum up what we are doing in relation to the revolution we need? How does this all go through a scientific process that we can bring out to the masses of people to bring them into the problems of driving out a fascist regime AND the revolution we need? How should we work with the youth in a way, where we are not “The Answer People,” answering every question they have to entrust them that we actually know what we are doing, and we have an answer to every question they have, as opposed to bringing forward people to come through a process where they are put to getting into the same questions that we are grappling over, because we actually don’t have all of the answers? Are we proceeding from the largest interests of humanity, or are we starting with tactics? And how do you deal with the fact there are different organizations out there that are leading people to drive out Trump, and they are much more organized than we are? How can we unite with such forces, as we understand that their solutions will not lead toward ending any of outrages they are resisting against?

There is a dynamic process that is needed to make revolution. The masses make history, but not without scientific leadership. Taking up the problems of the revolution and going to work on that, as many more are doing the same, is a part of making revolution. This is the strategy we need. It’s not a gimmick to trick people to think they are a part of a process, but by doing active investigation, we can unleash a lot of creativity and initiative out of the solid core that we do have, and then people who are getting to work on these problems, actually become a part of a scientific process. It’s not about asking questions for the sake of bopping people on the heads with the right answer. Just think about how people are educated and indoctrinated in this society under its academic institutions where you’re trained to just get the “right answer.” Working with ideas and theory is very important, but under this system, all of that just gets suffocated and becomes so suffocating. Just go out and ask these students what their academic lives are like!

And so, we need a dynamic process, one that is modeled over and over by BA, and in particular the Q&A from Chicago he had about the gangs. It’s not like we’re starting from scratch. This National Tour has learned a lot, especially about what it looks like to apply the strategy developed by BA. On a much more larger level, up to this point, humanity has learned a lot, and there is an accumulated knowledge up to this point, including why this system cannot be reformed and must be overthrown, and how we can really make revolution. However, this National Tour has not made the breakthrough it needs to make in accumulating forces for revolution in a geometric fashion and in putting BA and The New Communism on the map. As there is an immediate and urgent need to act on those who are agonizing over what this fascist regime has been doing, many people can be won to wanting to put a stop to the 5 Stops and to get with the 6 Points of Attention for the Revolution. All of this requires fierce struggle over the 2 Choices. The more we are more bold and “completely outrageous” in our agitation over the reality we face and the possibility and desirability and viability of a whole different world and we are the bridge to that world (as there does exist a Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America), the more we can get this dynamic process out there and the “OHIO” moving, first in the tens and hundreds, impacting further and accumulating more.

It is no small thing to take up what Refuse Fascism has called “this great cause” of driving out a fascist regime. We have the lessons of the past of people waiting fascism out, including communists who said “After Hitler, Us,” who were awaiting such conditions for a fascist to be out of power from some illusion that it will one day be “our turn,” because we are so morally deserving of it. NO, we are dealing with objective reality with all of its motion and changingness, and fascism doesn’t just turn over its power spontaneously or by some other force. We, in our masses, only through mass determined protest can drive this thing out, and we have to have the right strategy and scientific approach to doing this, not with a guarantee, but through our collectivity and our science and scientific leadership, along with the masses of people taking that up, can we ever have a chance at driving out this fascist regime, as we do need to unite with many different forces with entirely different frameworks and outlooks but with the unifying demand: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go—NOW! That is the responsibility that is being called on all of us who call ourselves revolutionaries.


Bob Avakian On Revolution And The Fight Against Fascism

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