Snakes, Alligators, and Bullets: Trump’s Reptilian Response to Migration



Donald Trump launched his campaign for president by spewing racist contempt for immigrants, and Mexican people in particular. He called Mexicans “rapists” and said, “Those aren’t people. They’re animals.” He has laughed when someone in the mob at one of his fascist rallies shouted that immigrants “should be shot.” Recently, reports emerged that in talks with his fascist inner circle Trump has advocated building trenches filled with snakes and alligators at the border; making an electrified border wall with spikes at the top; and shooting migrants in the legs to “slow them down.”

Trump’s racist, hate-filled rants create and amplify an atmosphere in which violent attacks on immigrants—children drowning in the Rio Grande in desperate attempts to get to the other side, a border bristling with weaponry and concentration camps, people gunned down with impunity by the police—could quickly escalate into crimes against humanity on a truly massive scale. They serve to create a category of people—millions of people—against whom any atrocity is considered “acceptable” and legally justifiable. Anyone with any basic sense of human decency must pour themselves, heart and soul, into driving this fascist regime from power. #OutNow!

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