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Friday, November 1, 7 pm
Harlem Speaks Out Against Trump/Pence Fascism—The Regime Must Go—Now!

Revolution Books, New York City
437 Malcolm X Blvd. at 132nd St


A powerful gathering of voices in Harlem calling out the crimes of this regime against Black people, and all of humanity. 

Voices speaking out against the vicious and unbridled white supremacy and immigrant-hating that unleashes police murder and Nazi mass killings—and a fascist president trivializing the history of lynching of Black people in America… its misogyny and assault on women’s right to abortion… the disastrous emergency of climate change and dissolving of environmental protections… the regime’s stripping away of civil rights, assault on dissent and expression, and the rule of law… and its crimes of empire.

An urgent forum of diverse voices and diverse forms of expression: statements and commentary, poems, readings, personal testimony, and more.

The Problem: how to change the deadly equation where the fascist base is pumped up with passion and fury, while the people who hate all this are all too willing to wait to see if someone else will stop this.  CHANGING THIS is what you are needed to be part of. 

The October 19 and October 26 marches launched the #OUTNOW movementmass, sustained, nonviolent protestto drive the Trump/Pence regime from power. Cornel West, Andy Zee, and others spoke with a fierce determination to break with passivity in the face of fascism, to refuse to be lulled by talk of normal procedures and pendulum swings, and to drive this regime out now.

Be at Revolution Books in Harlem, this Friday, November 1.


Revolution Books
437 Malcolm X Blvd (at 132nd St.) (2/3 Train to 135)
New York, NY 10037

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