Brooklyn, New York: Protesting Brutality, Defying the NYPD



Photo: M. Stan Reaves

On Friday night, 1,500 to 2,000 mainly young people rallied and marched in downtown Brooklyn in a FTP (Fuck the Police) Emergency Action Against the NYPD (New York Police Department) and MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). With chants of “Fuck the police,” they defied the NYPD and marched through the streets and subway stations in outrage over the recent police killing of three people in the Bronx and the NYPD rampage in the subway stations of Brooklyn.

The week before, pigs beat a 15-year-old Black man and another Black youth. The beatings were caught on video. They also pulled a gun on a young Black man for “theft of services,” aka subway fare evasion. Adrian Napier, who the NYPD almost shot at the Franklin Avenue subway station, addressed the crowd. Protesters demanded that the subway be free and that NYPD stop arresting and brutalizing Black and Brown people who do not have the $2.75 subway fare and jump over the turnstile. While marching through the subway stations, hundreds carried out mass turnstile jumping in protest.


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