From Revolution Club, Chicago:

Celebration and Report Back From
The Slave Rebellion Reenactment
Sunday November 17, 3pm to 6pm
Revolution Club Chicago Organizing Center
1857 E. 71st Street



Fundraiser for the National Revolution Tour

On November 8 and 9, an historic work of art came to life in Louisiana, creating something new and inspiring that has disturbed the air with more reverberations yet to come.

Slave Rebellion Reenactment involved hundreds of people bringing into the present the largest slave revolt in U.S. history, that happened in Louisiana in 1811. Hundreds of Black people carrying machetes and other weapons, marched 26 miles over two days on the route the rebelling slaves marched, now a modern landscape. They chanted “On to New Orleans! Freedom or death! We’re going to end slavery. Join us!” People came out to witness and take part.

This artwork was conceived and led by artist Dread Scott, who said it is not about slavery, but about freedom and emancipation. He reimagined the outcome of the rebellion, with the slaves victorious and ending in a celebration in Congo Square in New Orleans. The question “What if” that rebellion had actually been successful – and the questions that opens up about the present and future – are part of the light this incredible artwork shines.

Four members of Revolution Club, Chicago drove to Louisiana to take part in this work. They were part of the collective effort with people from all over who together changed something and in the process changed each other and themselves. Come hear from them, break bread, and share in the experience.

This celebration and report-back will include dinner and will be a fundraiser for the National Get Organized For An ACTUAL Revolution Tour: “You Think You’re Woke…  But You’re Sleepwalking Through a Nightmare, This System Cannot Be Reformed, It Must Be Overthrown.” The tour has been traveling around the country since March, working to develop a growing movement for actual revolution for the emancipation of humanity, to organize thousands and put on the map the leadership and science to make this revolution, Bob Avakian and the new communism he has developed. This has required tens of thousands of dollars donated in large and small donations and by people who have stepped up to give monthly contributions, and much more is needed in order to continue and grow the tour. Volunteers on the tour have needed to travel all over the country, and have basic needs met (like eating food!) while they are working full-time on this. Money is also needed for materials like flyers and banners, etc. Currently the tour is in New York, but just in the last weekend, in addition to being part of this trip to Louisiana, members of the tour traveled to Washington D.C. and Atlanta, working to have an impact on the whole political situation in this country, throwing all-in with fierce determination and science to the fight to bring forward mass sustained non-violent protest to drive out the fascist Trump/Pence regime.

Requested donations are $10, but nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, and those who can donate more are encouraged to give more to make up for those who can’t give as much. Contributions to the dinner of main dishes, desserts, or side dishes are welcome. Please call 312.804.9121 to coordinate if you would like to contribute food for the dinner.

Revolution Club, Chicago—Joining the #SlaveRebellionReenactment in Louisiana!

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Saturday, November 16

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