$25,000 Goal Reached—$8,000 More Needed by January 1 for the National Revolution Tour

In the New Year... Let’s Fight for a New World!

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Racist graffiti and taunts at Syracuse University while fascist spokespeople are given a platform at UCLA and Berkeley; according to UN reports, the U.S. is increasing its greenhouse gas emissions while the planet burns; immigrants trapped in hellish conditions at the border are prevented from even applying to enter the U.S.; the fascist Trump/Pence regime digs in and doubles down in the face of the Democrats’ impeachment hearings—the hell of this imperialist system grinds forward with outrage upon outrage. The need for revolution cries out, the need for a whole different kind of society based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.

The National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour has been in the thick of these fault-line battles, boldly breaking onto the scene in the spirit of “You Think You’re Woke... But You’re Sleepwalking Through a Nightmare—This System Cannot Be Reformed, It Must Be Overthrown.” The Revolution Tour has been fighting to build the #OUTNOW movement to mobilize millions into the streets to drive the Trump/Pence regime from power, bringing its scientific understanding and approach based on the revolutionary leadership of Bob Avakian.

Hundreds of people around the country donated to meet the $25,000 goal. They were inspired by a force of people who are going out to build a movement for revolution, who are fighting for a whole new world free of exploitation and oppression and living that morality today, and who—coming from that place—are also challenging others to join into and build this #OUTNOW movement. This developing financial base for the Tour is an important part of organizing forces for that revolution.

A great deal is demanded of these revolutionaries in times like these—and now a minimum of $8,000 more is needed by January 1 to sustain their basic needs, produce materials, and enable them travel to wherever they are most needed.

Contribute towards fighting for a new world—there are many ways to contribute:

  • On Giving Tuesday, December 3—donate to a force that is about really changing the world; challenge others you know to donate as well.
  • Revolutionary greeting cards—download them, produce them, give them to friends and family, and sell them to raise funds.
  • Donate to the Travel Fund—contribute airline miles or dollars to the fund. Write to tourmilestogofar@gmail.com.
  • Become a sustainer—from $5/month to $500/month—and contribute to the ongoing needs of the Tour.
  • Join with others to organize a holiday fundraising gathering for the Revolution Tour, giving others a chance to meet some members of the Tour and/or local Revolution Club members.
  • If you’re in New York or Los Angeles, volunteer to provide a meal for Tour members. Call 646-717-7161 (NY) or 323-424-6687 (LA).
  • Donate your skills in social media or video making. Call the NY Revolution Club: 646-717-7161.

Donate to and Sustain the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour




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