“You’d have to be dead or an abiotic collection of matter to not be rocked and brimming with enthusiasm about the new YouTube show: The RNL Show...”



From a Revolution Club member, Chicago:

You’d have to be dead or an abiotic collection of matter to not be rocked and brimming with enthusiasm about the new YouTube show: The RNL Show.

The Revolution Club in Chicago had a conference call to bat around the potential wide distribution of this show. We brainstormed who to reach to be a part of the growing community around the show and yearning to learn more and follow the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian (BA). Some groups we thought of were: 1) The masses, especially in light of the livestream and field notes, in a more systematic manner, which discussed being out in different sections of basic people; 2) The students who now find themselves stranded either on or near campus or unable to go home; 3) The prisoners whose conditions we wish we knew more about. What’s being batted around behind bars by people trying to understand what is going on? This section of people has a profound impact on youth caught up in the life in Chicago; and 4) The many people across all sections of society at home in quarantine, encouraging and forging a direct line with this of funding and hosting space to spread revolution and engagement of BA.

Another thing we batted around was the racist use of the term “Chinese virus” and the extreme xenophobia that is being tapped into and exacerbated by the Trump/Pence fascist regime. We got into this because this problem is a physical threat, economic threat, and a targeting of billions of people that extend far beyond just China by racist thugs with the backing of the state. These fascists tout lies and instill fear even in people who are trying to objectively look at things; they cling hopefully to the shreds of everyone is equal under the eyes of the law which we know is not true of this capitalist system.

The Communiqués from the revcoms really put the terms straight out of what is happening and what role the state is playing in making this worse. And the necessity to oust the regime and to fight for a system in which humanity comes first, even while taking this virus very seriously. Highlighting and opening the truth that this capitalist system cannot function in the way necessary to best deal with this pandemic (globally or locally) due to its very workings. If people are wanting to see this, watch how the news talks about Wall Street, the market, and the insane drops of the Nasdaq and the growing unemployment rate.

In distributing the links and QR codes for the YouTube show and account, we wanted to know if a sticker is going to be designed nationally. We only ask this of you guys because maybe there is a national conception of what that would look like before we create our own design. By having stickers people can slap surfaces with the info anywhere where people can see it.

We also have a list of ideas on YouTubers that would be great to reach out to in order to promote the show to, and I’m working with the Chicago Club to get everyone’s suggestions. We need a movement of encouraging and forging a direct line of funding, hosting, and becoming the essential active participants we need for revolution, spreading and challenging others to get into BA en masse. There is a rather remarkable gap in age and how much time is spent on the platform. It’s embarrassing to mention the ungodly amounts of time us millennials pour into this platform. However, one thing to note on these creators’ pages and programs is that their non-video real-time community engagements happen through Twitter and Facebook, like with podcasters. Instagram can be a source but it relies much more heavily on artistic content, making it less a vehicle for interaction beyond promotion as compared to something like Twitter.

Launching Wednesday, March 25:

The RNL Show—Revolution, Nothing Less!

The RNL Show is a new weekly YouTube show rooted in the new communism forged by the revolutionary leader Bob Avakian and launching Wednesday, March 25. It will be hosted by Andy Zee along with other members of the Revolution Tour. The world is a nightmare for the masses of people worldwide, but it doesn’t have to be. Revolution and a whole better world IS possible.

Watch the promo video here or on YouTube, subscribe to the YouTube channel, leave a comment, and spread the word all over social media to help extend the reach of this launch.




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