Revolution Club, Los Angeles:

March at Post Office and Through South Central Against Fascist Voter Suppression, Demanding Trump/Pence Out Now, and Getting Organized for Revolution



The Revolution Club rallied in front of LA’s main post office calling for struggle to stop fascist voter suppression, projecting the demand Trump/Pence Out Now! and getting organized for revolution, nothing less. The day before, Trump openly boasted of sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service in order to discount mail-in votes in the election, something that is part of overall efforts on the part of Trump to either “win” the election in this way, or to discredit and reject the results if he loses.

The march was an inspiring and powerful presence of a diverse group of 20 people, mainly young, some walking in formation in Revolution – Nothing Less! T-shirts and a big, beautiful banner, with a drum beat and chants calling people into the streets: “Fuck Donald Trump, fuck his racist feds, fuck him caging kids, fuck his handmaid’s tale, fuck his fascist world! We are fighting for a whole new world, we are fighting for humanity, we are the nasty women and the refugees, we are the George Floyds and the LGBTQ, so get in these streets and let’s stop this mess, we gotta make revolution, nothing less!”

The march started at the Post Office and went through the streets of the South Central neighborhood. It stopped many times to talk to people over a loudspeaker, drawing people out of their houses, opening up debate and discussion, and bringing people into the march and into the revolution.

At the opening rally, Noche Diaz spoke, calling out the attacks on the Post Office as part of Trump’s attempt to consolidate fascism. He said we are organizing people for revolution to get to a whole different world, free of all oppression, and that the fight for this future could be foreclosed unless we bring forward masses of people now to drive this fascist regime from power. Noche said we are building this as part of making revolution and that Bob Avakian is giving leadership for everyone with his new statement on the immediate situation, providing “clarity of understanding to have clarity of action.”

One stop on the march was in front of a center where a gang truce has been hard-fought for in the area, to call out the lie that sending feds into the inner cities like Chicago has anything to do with stopping violence. Federal authorities recently arrested and are threatening with life in prison Doc Wallace, someone who has played an important role over the last year in struggling for the truce in this neighborhood to STOP a cycle of revenge and violence, including between Black and Latino gangs.

At another stop, a high school student, speaking in Spanish, told people she had watched a documentary about ICE taking people’s children from them. She said her parents are immigrants who have tried to give her a better life and talked about what immigrants are fleeing from and then how hard it is to live HERE for Black and Hispanic people. She told people the reason she is marching with the revolution and put on the RNL shirt is because she wants to make a difference in the world and make a better world for her children. Her younger relative followed up with a call for people to join us.

At another point, a Black woman, who recently moved to South Central from another city where she was very active in struggles against injustice, challenged people to be part of driving the Trump/Pence regime from power, voting them out and getting in the streets with us now. She emphasized to all the people listening, “This is bigger than your neighborhood,” and the attack on the postal service is not just about your mail being affected, this is a fascist regime taking Black and Brown bodies and has children in cages today. She led people to chant “Trump/Pence Out Now!”

At one stop, a Latino family who came out to listen started shouting that they are in support of Trump. When this was called out on the mic, Black and Latino neighbors of the Trump supporters cheered, grabbed posters to hold up in support of the march, and chanted with us, “Fuck Donald Trump!”

At another stop, Revolution Club members on the mic put forward a vision of a world without all this oppression, including where men, women and differently gendered people are equals and comrades, and called on people to step forward and put on the Revolution – Nothing Less T-shirt on the spot. Nobody here was ready to walk in front of everybody to do that, but a young woman on the side said she was listening to what was being said about the Points of Attention for the revolution, especially what was said about women, and bought two T-shirts, saying she would have joined the march on the spot if she didn’t have a bunch of young kids she had to stay with.

At one of the final stops, a member of the Revolution Club captivated the whole busy intersection when she began to sing verses of a Salvadoran resistance song, and then went on in Spanish to say that in the 1980s, people were killed in El Salvador just for singing that song, that this is what fascism looks like and what we are facing here now and have to step forward to stop. As we turned back into the neighborhood, Latino men hanging on the corner hearing her speak yelled out their support and one joined in momentarily to shout “Fuck Trump” over the microphone.

When meeting afterward to look at how we did and make further plans, one of several young women from the area who have been active since meeting the revolution 2+ weeks ago, said, “It was fun. We may not have been that big in terms of numbers, but we were MIGHTY!”



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