People Righteously Say NO! to
Trump’s Fascist Roadshow in Kenosha



On September 1, Donald Trump descended on Kenosha, Wisconsin, the scene of more than a week of angry protest after police shot unarmed Jacob Blake Jr. as he was walking away and going into a car where his three young children sat. The fascist-in-chief wasn’t there to express even a modicum of sympathy for Jacob Blake, now paralyzed, and his family—in fact, he didn’t even meet with the Blake family (claiming that they wanted a lawyer present in the meeting and that was “inappropriate”). Instead, he met with the local pigs to shower them with slobbering praise, pledged $1 million to them “so that you can have some extra money to go out and do what you do,” and toured several businesses burned down in the past week as a photo op to attack protesters as “domestic terrorists.”

When Trump was asked about the shooting of Jacob Blake, this genocidal racist now sitting in the White House said, “I feel terribly for anyone that goes through that” and, “It’s a complicated subject.” No, it’s not “complicated”! This is a case of pigs who once again had been caught red-handed unleashing unjust, wanton, deadly violence on a Black person. When asked about the cop that shot Jacob, Trump said that police “do 10,000 great acts, which is what they do,” but sometimes “they choke”—further justifying the wanton shooting by claiming, contrary to any evidence, that Jacob “might have been going for a weapon.”

Asked by a reporter if systematic racism was a problem in the U.S., Trump attacked the questioner, saying, “You just keep getting back to the opposite subject.” Instead, he declared, “We should talk about the kind of violence that we’ve seen in Portland and other places.” To make clear, he was not talking about the violence of the fascist thugs across the country that he has whipped up and lauded as his “Second Amendment people.” He was, once again, painting the protesters as “violent,” as part of his and his regime’s campaign to call for and justify a fascist clampdown on protest and all opposition.

And shortly before flying to Kenosha, Trump openly defended the white gunman who is accused of shooting down and murdering two protesters in Kenosha last week. This fascist ghoul claimed that it was the gunman who was under violent attack from protesters, and that he “was in very big trouble… he probably would have been killed.” This is nothing but further incitement and encouragement of the fascist brownshirts that he is counting on.

This fascist roadshow did not go unopposed—people stood up and said NO! Jacob Blake’s family led an all-day community gathering of hundreds of people at the site where he was shot by the pigs. Refuse Fascism had called on people to come to Kenosha to confront Trump, and about 200 protested in the streets. A large banner said: “September 5th begins 60 Days of struggle to demand Trump/Pence #OUT NOW.” Members of the Revolution Club, some who have been in Kenosha since the day after Jacob Blake was shot, were part of this action. In New York City, Refuse Fascism marched in the streets with the message “We stand with Kenosha—Trump Pence OUT NOW!”

Kenosha, September 1. Photo: twitter/therevcoms



Kenosha, September 1. Photo: twitter/therevcoms


Kenosha, September 1. Photo: twitter/therevcoms





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