Great Thanks to All Who Donated to the Revolution Tour Livestream



These are statements that were sent in to the September 20 Livestream, which raised $15,000 for the National Get Organized for an ACTUAL Revolution Tour.

Retired Teacher Makes $2K Matching Challenge

“There comes a time...” was an expression of determination during the Civil Rights era, meaning, the moment had arrived for decisive action against an intolerable system – in that case Jim Crow. Jim Crow was ended but history has shown that the system of U.S. white supremacist capitalism is incapable of eliminating racial oppression or solving any of the major problems confronting humanity.

Today the rise of Trump Pence fascism is a signal that this capitalism system not only cannot solve the problems of injustice, poverty, staggering polarization of wealth, climate destruction, etc. but in an effort to save itself is rapidly plunging the world into a death spiral.

The Revolution Tour has gone into the areas in this country where people brutalized by this racist system are rising against injustices. The Revolution Tour has bravely joined with people in struggle to bring them that which this system works ceaselessly to deny them – an understanding, based on the vital and insightful works of Bob Avakian, of what lies at the root of the oppression, and based on that understanding and historical experience, how to work for a different social order, a revolutionary socialist/communist society which can ultimately liberate humanity from this system’s death grip.

The time has come for a movement to uproot the whole oppressive system. It’s actually long overdue. Everyone who values justice and humanity should rally to support the work of these courageous and conscious revolutionaries by contributing funds to assist them in this crucial work. This is why I’m contributing $2,000 as a matching fund, and why I’m challenging you to match and surpass it. Every contribution lends material support to this vitally important effort. It also, beyond that, strengthens the morale of people, sometimes driven to despair by heartless brutality of the system, to see the potential for another world to exist.


A Physicist Supports the Revolution Tour to Dis-Elect Trump

I am making a $1,000 matching fund challenge for the Revolution Tour, a critical phase in the organizing for an actual revolution. I am making my annual $1,000 contribution 6 months early because dis-election of Donald Trump is so critical. Another 4 years would consolidate his objective of a fascist America, the most powerful and influential country on Earth. Science, evidence, logic and justice have already been under attack. The first group Hitler exterminated were the Communists. Scientists fled Germany. Trump’s oppression of all opposition would delay the revolution until it might be too late. The coming climate catastrophe and glorification of ignorance and stupidity unchallenged will have ushered in a new Dark Age of world barbarity and unmitigated pestilence, if not the extinction of the human species. 

As far as we presently know, homo sapiens are the only species in the universe that have realized science. (At least some of them have.) The loss of homo sapiens might have astronomical consequences, possibly setting back the progress of the emergence of intelligence in the universe by a billion years.

It might be possible to say that with the success of this tour, we may be able to save humanity in time, and at the same time possibly save the present emergence of intelligence life in the universe.


Statement and Pledge from a Group of Immigrant Women in Support of Tour

In addition to this statement, they have pledged to raise $200, $50 of which had been raised at the time of the livestream.

Saludos a todos de la Gira Revolution Nacional.

Nos inspira cómo el Club Revolución ha estado en la primera fila de la lucha de clases: El Club Revolucion con valentia y audaz fue a Portland y Kenosha, difundiendo la revolución y el liderazgo de B.A.

Como inmigrantes nos enfrentamos la opresión, la discriminación y la demonización durante generaciones y generaciones y en las discusiones de los artículos de B.A. hacemos conciencia, que la opresión racial es como cemento que se vierte en los cimientos de un edificio, y este edificio es el capitalismo-imperialismo estadounidense, ala vez que nos hacemos conciencia de que el fascismo no proviene desde afuera, si no que es un producto de este sistema y es un monstruo diferente. Si el fascismo consolida su dominio, seria un desastre para todos en este planeta y un desastre para el planeta mismo. Puede sofocar la lucha por la justicia social. Así que tenemos que eliminar este monstruo y expulsar al régimen de Trump Pence. Este es un paso urgente que debemos dar para hacer la revolución. Y nos alegra que la Gira de la Revolución Nacional esté sacando este impulso en todas partes, especialmente donde la gente se está alzando en lucha. 

Las mujeres inmigrantes que estamos aprendiendo y discutiendo acerca de cómo sería una revolución real, hemos sido por años las más impactadas, en el abuso laboral y estas situaciones se han agravado por la pandemia, con pérdida de trabajo, o pérdida de horas de trabajo de nosotras, o nuestras familias y aún así estamos haciendo un esfuerzo, porque entendemos que es importante apoyar donando para les compañeres en el frente de la lucha en la gira revolución, e invitamos a otres a hacer un esfuerzo para apoyar, con un pequeño donativo multiplicado en cientos o miles de personas puede aportar mucho para advancer el trabajo de la Gira Revolution Nacional.

Buena suerte y cuídense.

En lucha,

Un grupo de mujeres inmigrantes que han estado participando en clases que discuten los artículos y obras de BA.


Greetings to all in the National Revolution Tour

We are inspired by how the Revolution Club has been in the frontlines of the class struggle—boldly and courageously going to Portland and Kenosha, spreading revolution and the leadership of BA.

As immigrants we face oppression and discrimination and demonization for generations and generations. But from BA we learn that racial oppression is like cement being poured into the foundation of a building, and this building is American capitalism-imperialism. We also learned that Fascism does not come from outside. It is a product of this system, and it is a different extremely dangerous monster. If Fascism solidifies its rule, it means disaster for everybody on this planet, and disaster for the planet itself. Fascism can lead to the end of the struggle for justice. So we have to remove this monster, and Drive out the Trump Pence Regime. This is an urgent step we have to take for making revolution. And we are glad that this thrust is being taken out by the National Revolution Tour everywhere, especially where people are rising up in struggle.

The immigrant women who are learning and discussing about what a real revolution would look like, have been for years the most impacted, in labor abuse and these situations have been aggravated by the pandemic, with job loss, or loss of working hours of we, or our families and even so we are making an effort, because we understand that it is important to support by donating for our comrades in the front line of the struggle in the revolution tour, and we invite others to make an effort to support, with a small donation multiplied in hundreds or thousands of people it can contribute a lot to support of the Revolution Tour.

Good luck and take care.

In Struggle,

A group of immigrant women who have been participating in classes that discuss the articles and works of BA 


Healthcare Workers’ Statement on These Critical Times: 

We are healthcare workers who are outraged over how the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as many other outrages, have been handled by the fascist, genocidal, racist and anti-science Trump/Pence regime.

We strongly support the Revolution Tour, which is playing a key role in the urgent fight to mobilize millions into the streets to drive this regime from power—as a crucial part and urgent requirement of the overall work of building for Revolution—Nothing Less! They’ve been in the midst of the beautiful rising against police murder. Here’s a video of the Revolution Tour in Portland.  

On Sunday, Sept. 20th, we invite you, your family and friends to support a fundraising livestream in support of the tour. We are donating and we encourage you to donate as well. 

You can watch it and donate hereThe Revolution Tour is bringing the deepest understanding to people nationwide of the nightmare that we are in and what the solution is. The criteria is not whether you support revolution, but whether you see the danger to humanity and see the need to act to stop this threat to humanity. 

Medical workers have stepped up many times over the past 3 years:

  • Demanding PPE, exposing the criminal lack of federal action
  • Facing down and blocking rabid anti-maskers 
  • Doctors and others who lay down in the street at an immigrant detention center in San Diego and were arrested after being turned away from giving free flu shots, 2019.
  • Nurses who put hundreds of medical shoes in front of the White House earlier this year to protest the hundreds of healthcare workers killed unnecessarily by COVID-19.
  • A Black woman nurse was the whistleblower on the sterilization abuses at the ICE detention centers.
  • Science is liberating, let's stand firm!

The newest outrage of this fascist regime is that ICE has been carrying out forced sterilizations of immigrants in the detention centers. Forced sterilization is a crime which has always been a part of this country’s history. [This was done to Black women, Latinx, Indigenous women and poor white women in the 20th century]

Hitler learned from the U.S. when in the Nazi death camps women were subjected to forced sterilizations.   

So, we are challenging people to step up now, and as healthcare workers and support this tour. It is up to us—there will be no magical hero stepping forward to do this going forward. Only the people can put a stop to this regime. 


A Matching Challenge from an Immigrant

An immigrant supporter of the National Tour for an ACTUAL Revolution in Southern California has donated $250 and would like to issue a challenge to others nationally to "match it or raise it" towards the $15,000 goal of the livestream.


From A Revolution Club Member

Enough is Enough

We need a Revolution PERIOD—Humanity Needs the Revolution Tour & the Rev Clubs, and all who want any future worth living-in need to get with this revolution.

I am giving $400 but wish I could give $4,000.

The 5 Stops can't be ended without actual Revolution—so every reform or Band-Aid just doesn't make the cut—the emancipation of humanity & the planet is what everyone should be working on—this is a challenge to match my $400 donation right now—send in $20, $50, $100 because this work must be supported and millions need to find out about this revolution with your help.


An Artist Who Donated Paper Maché Artwork for the Tour Fundraising

To the National Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour:

Thank you for the opportunity of saying a few words about my non-monetary contribution to the fund drive for this very important Tour which I have been following and think is super important. So I wish you the best and will continue contributing as much as possible in this and other ways.

While I have for years now been learning and working with different mediums such as paints, drawing, paper mache, engraving etc., I made these figures out of paper mache because I was already working with this medium along with other people on making a large Trump head that we needed by September 5, for the United Nationwide Mass Protest. To work on this, for us a large project, we asked the artist Alfonso Piloto Nieves Ruiz to teach us how to do this.

Piloto put out a call for a workshop. Besides our group working on the Trump head, there were people working on a tribute to Breonna Taylor, and a bust and head of the local ICE representative and children in cages, and another group working on a Oaxacan jaguars head.

During this workshop, which lasted weeks, and were held outdoors and abided by COVID-19 rules, a couple of Pilsen’s most well-known muralists and other artists stopped by to check out what we were doing. (Piloto had announced the workshop suddenly and a lot of people could not make the commitment, but there was a lot of interests.) In conversations with some of them and in explaining why we were making our project, and making sure they all got leaflets and stickers, we spoke about the importance of art, and not as some afterthought or something that is just going to add some color to the protest, but about how important it is that art be integral, organic, to the struggles.

We also spoke about how the pandemic has devastated many artists from the community as it came at the same time the neighborhood was being rapidly gentrified. (In the last few days it was announced that one of Little Village’s most iconic malls, with 150 vendors, is going to be demolished and a Target is to be built in its place. The same area where a few months ago a tower from an old factory was demolished creating a dust cloud that made many people sick and resulted in at least one death. With an asbestos cloud hanging over the neighborhood for days. All to open way for new condos.) But we also spoke about the need for more artist to be part of the struggles, some people said we need a movement of artist.

So it was during these weeks that I heard of the Tours fund drive and I decided to make something that may be auctioned or sold. (A few months ago I donated to the Rev Club 2 other figures made for 10-24-2015 holding a banner of Stolen Lives that could also be for the fund drive.) So, as I was thinking on what to make, I decided on something that reflected what the Tour is about. Kind of like when you make a poster announcing an event. So one of the figures is expressing the fact that the world needs BA’s new communism, and is holding up the book and has a bullhorn to let everybody know, as well as back-pocketing a copy of Revolution newspaper. And the other figure expresses that the only way humanity can get free of this system is by overthrowing it, not reforming it, and is wearing a Revolution Nothing Less shirt.

Once again, I wish you the best, and hope these figures can make a small contribution.


Retired Library Tech (SF Bay Area) 

Initially I had planned to donate $300 to RNL [Revolution, Nothing Less] and the Tour. Fascism, the thing I have most feared Is here and is rushing to consolidate. The essence of america is retribution! This has to end. There is something we can do. Support the Tour, Refuse Fascism, and RNL. Donate! We need to reach out and connect others to what BA has brought forward. What we do makes a difference. I have decided to donate $500 and to contribute in whatever way I can to the beautiful and scientific RNL. To the future of humanity!



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