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STOP TRUMP FROM STEALING THE ELECTION ! Break Free of “Battered Wife Syndrome” – Get into the Streets Now!

by Coco Das



A coalition of “progressive” organizations said they’ll protest when Trump moves to steal the elections. Well he’s moving to steal the elections, but these same organizations are abandoning protests to “not play into Trump’s narrative.” Letting HIM set the terms.

These progressive organizations are in an abusive relationship with a fascist regime and the “advice” from the Democratic Party leadership is like the mother-in-law saying to a battered wife, “Just try not to make him angry.”

This is dangerous and BULLSHIT of the highest order. This is not how you stop fascism. We have to act with the same bold audacity on behalf of humanity as the fascist side acts on the side of hatred. Non-violent mass protest is off the table?

No! In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America! Be part of the coalition of the decent in the streets! We demand #TrumpPenceOutNow!



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