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The Fight Against Fascism and the System That Gave Rise to It

The Revolution, Nothing Less Show

One month after the election, Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor discuss the current situation and the challenges ahead.   

In an election where 74 million people voted for a genocidal racist and a Christian fascist theocrat, the question is posed: what just happened? Why do we need the scientific method and approach to society as developed by Bob Avakian?

In this episode, Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor are in conversation and touch on the deep roots of fascism in America; the reality that there will be no going back to (and you shouldn’t want to go back to) “normal”; how to understand the contention at the top of society with the fascist Republican Party continuing to break all the norms; why Biden and the Democrats are no real answer to all this. 


  • Andy Zee and Sunsara Taylor in conversation
  • Bob Avakian on Science and the Scientific Method. And Excerpt from REVOLUTION & RELIGION: The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion: A Dialogue between Cornel West and Bob Avakian.
  • Andy Zee's opening presentation from the Nov. 24 forum: What Just Happened? Trump, America, and the Danger of Fascism.
  • An excerpt from the podcast Emancipate Humanity with Bob Avakian  


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