Frankfurt, Germany, Protest Condemns Repression by the Islamic Republic of Iran



From participants of the Burn the Cage, Release the Birds (burn_the_cage) campaign:

A protest rally was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on Thursday, December 10, International Human Rights Day. The rally was called for by the “Burn the Cage, Release the Birds” campaign, and was supported by other organizations and some human rights supporters. The purpose of this call was to protest human rights violations in Iran and to condemn the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The demonstration started from the city center and went to the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy. The truck was covered with pictures of political prisoners and was accompanied by live music and the voice of the revolutionary artist Shakib Mosadeq. Demonstrators gathered in front of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Images of some Iranian political prisoners were also displayed on large screens. Several people spoke at the rally. Mariam Claren, daughter of Nahid Taghavi, an Iranian-German who is one of the political prisoners in Iran, also spoke. She said: “We are gathered here to raise the voice of political prisoners in Iran to the world and to protest against the recent wave of arrests and repression of the Islamic Republic and call on all people and governments to condemn the Islamic Republic and on the world stage.”


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At the December 10 demonstration in Frankfurt, revolutionary artist Shakib Mosadeq leads protesters in song as images of political prisoners in Iran are shown on the screen.



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