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Editors’ note: We at periodically publish letters from prisoners on revolutionary theory and struggle, as well as other aspects of human experience and thought, including conditions and struggle within the prisons themselves. We appreciate and learn from all correspondence from the prisons. The opinions in the letters we publish are those of the writers and not necessarily those of The following are excerpts from recent letters from two prisoners.

Letter 1:

Why do Democrats refuse to call it what it is? A fascist takeover of the American institutions of government. The Democrats may acknowledge the white-supremacy; they acknowledge that they are domestic terrorists and neo-nazis. But why do they refuse to acknowledge what we face here? FASCISM.

Because doing so would acknowledge the scientific acquired fact that the system of capitalism/imperialism, by its nature/machinations and its profound inherent contradictions will ultimately give rise to a fascist form of rule, the open brutal dictatorship of the ruling capitalist class, a ruthless form of capitalist rule, to compensate and alleviate their stitched up, mortally wounded capitalist economy, turning the blood suckin vampire system, into a cannibalistic, mindless, rampaging zombie. Some Pet Sematary shit, reviving what should of ultimately been left for dead and replaced.

The Democrats refuse to call it fascism because they refuse to let go of their beloved capitalist system. They know what it is. Trust me, it’s screaming in their heads. It was felt in their hearts when these fascist thugs stormed the Capitol building with murderous intentions. Denying a very real fascist threat is a deadly mistake. One that would sadly have lethal consequences.

The Democrats know that by telling the masses that they have a genocidal fascist controlling the levers of power of one of the most strongest nuclear-toting imperialist country in the world, it would be uttering the Death Sentence of their capitalist economic system, and the break-up of their cherished unholy union of states.

No decent human being the world over will accept the second coming of the Nazi Reich, wrapped in an American flag and a Christian cross. The resistance to this in the United States would increase ten-fold, uniting people from all walks of life across the country and internationally to oppose and openly resist a literal mutated clone of the Third Reich. The Democrats will try to direct the narrative away from questioning their system, and blame this political upheaval as limited to the workings of a single individual supposedly influencing and warping the minds of certain sections of people through manipulating their misguided sentiments, bringing about an “anomaly” in the country, somehow separated from what is the essence of the United States and “not” representing the U.S.

Scientific analysis of the historical development of societies and how they tend to develop under certain modes of production (economic system) will prove otherwise. And the historical development of American capitalist society had to be taken into account of, in how conditions in society evolved into the contradictions we find ourselves confronted with today. That Trump, although a major actor in this drama did not bring fascism to America, but America’s fascist inclinations welcomed him with open arms.


Letter 2:

(Ed: This was written after the January 6 fascist assault on the U.S. Capitol.)

The police is a FASCIST force in America & Yes “AMERIKKKA.” That’s stating the obvious of course but w/yesterday’s Trump March on D.C. I can’t help but notice how far off the mark all these so-called “analyses” of those events are…

The Republicans as a whole fanned & condoned the mass ignorance campaign & open white-supremacy, police brutality, open terror, & refusal to see Blacks & minorities as full participants in their bullshit ass bourgeois project. Democrats & its wing on the bourgeois power base & career seekers dumbed down its own base & followers. They made elections their “be all & end all.” They refused to allow the pigs to be exposed or vilified & they allowed the Republicans to actually demonize Blacks & their demands for human rights. The whole election centered on the radical “mob.” Another thing that’s not often stated is what the Republicans were mad at was not the claims of fraud per se but the fact that the mail-in ballot allowed people who were not normally thought of as voters into the voting process. They didn’t need to actually disenfranchise everyone. The historical experience of the vote did that for many New Africans. So offering people, who wouldn’t jump through all the hurdles of white supremacy to go vote, a chance to simply fill out a form, overwhelmed their racist infrastructure. If you read their lawsuits, that’s what they argue: You can’t offer mail-in ballots to “those” people & COVID is not a good enough excuse….

These people hate Blacks & have no empathy for the misery they cause. But why? It’s actually not as complicated as some present it. They whoop & holler about their Founding Fathers & their Constitution all the time just like they do w/that bible, but even the blind could see they don’t mean it. So what gives, it’s simple: You don’t belong. It’s mine not yours. You don’t count, there’s not enough for you, etc. etc., ad nauseam. That’s it. It’s entitlement. They’re mad other people think it’s their system too. One of the people yesterday said “This is our America.” It is sometimes just as simple as people say it is….

Now per [Sean] Hannity, 99% [in the January 6 attack on the Capitol] were peaceful; Limbaugh says it was a bus load of Antifa &—get this, BLM, & its “impossible” it was Trump supporters. This is pure sophism & more interestingly to me, the rankest idealism in true bourgeois fashion. This is another strength position for us. The religious & conspiracy nuts are incapable of analyzing their own conditions or movements & this will only deepen this leader-led contradiction & on the other hand blind & uncritical abandonment of them is bound to further this conflict. Sadly for us, however, we have to contend with liberals, Democrats, the “left” etc. etc. who couldn’t analyze water. But I think right now they are our main obstacles to forming a revolutionary people & truly “woke” people. We squandered 2020 (I believe). Let’s not do so for 2021. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S.


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